Tuesday, February 13, 2018

FL: Police Officer Explains that Self Defense Against Pellet Gun is Valid Video

In the early morning hours of Friday, 9 February, 2018, a man attempted an armed robbery of a Sunoco gas station in Tampa, Florida. The clerk had a firearm of his own and fired several shots, hitting the suspect in the leg. The suspect fled across the street, and the clerk followed him and then held him for police. Police came, took custody of the suspect, and determined that the suspect's gun was a pellet gun.

The police lieutenant at the scene educated the reporter on the validity of defense from a perceived deadly threat.

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From the reporter:
... pointing a pellet gun at that clerk, but the lieutenant here told us that really makes no difference in whether or not you are going to defend yourself
From the Police Lieutenant:
"This is typical self defense kind of stuff. If someone is threatening you with a firearm, anybody, a spouse, or anybody, the general public, you have a right to defend yourself."
While not in the video, reporters at the scene recorded this additional explanation and validation:
Investigators on scene told ABC Action News they believe the shooting is most likely justified, regardless of whether or not the gun was a pellet gun.

“Now the clerk knows when you have a gun shoved in your face you don’t know if it’s a pellet gun or a B.B. gun...” said Lieutenant Ricardo Ubinas with the Tampa Police Department. “It really doesn’t change the dynamics of the robbery. It’s still an armed robbery.”
20 years ago, police commentary commonly injected this bit into the narrative:

 We do not recommend that people act to defend themselves. Let the suspect have what they want and call the police.

Today, we see the police educating reporters on the finer points of self-defense law. I suspect they did this all along, only now is it being reported.

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