Friday, February 16, 2018

Palos Heights Student Arrested After Posing With AK-47 Online

I hope the kid and his parents fight this one.  It is perfectly normal for a kid to be photographed with treasured possessions or in an unusual situation.  There was no mention of any threat.  One understands that people are nervous at the moment but you can't make the law up as you go along

CHICAGO (CBS) — A freshman at a Palos Heights high school was arrested earlier this week, after posing with an AK-47 in photos shared on Snapchat.

The Cook County Sheriff’s office said detectives were notified of the images Sunday afternoon. The 15-year-old student at Shepard High School was arrested Sunday evening at his home in Worth.

One of the images shared online included the school’s name.

The boy was charged as a juvenile with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

A sheriff’s office spokeswoman said the gun he posed with was legally owned by an adult, but not his parents.

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