Monday, February 25, 2019

CA: Camera Crew Robbed of Equipment, Security Guard Wounded

The KPIX 5 crew was outside their news van when a car pulled up. Two suspects got out of the car and one pulled a gun on the crew, demanding their camera. The crew surrendered the equipment and then began walking back to the van.
One suspect and the security guard exchanged fire. The guard was shot in the upper leg, transported to Highland Hospital and listed in stable condition.

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ExpatNJ said...

If the crew were truly confronted with violent attack and robbed of their equipment, one wonders whether they are now in any way sympathetic to what 2A/RKBA supporters have advocated about the need for personal self-defense. I doubt it. The crew's hearts are probably already permanently hardened, and, their disregard of reality comes despite Tom Wolfe's observation: "a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged".

A reader of the article posted this poignant question:
"Why do news crews need security guards?"

Is that the situation now across so much of America? If so, could the pitiful answer be that the USA has become some form of "3rd-world sh!thole", and we could soon see developments here like what has happened in Venezuela? Let us pray not.