Friday, February 15, 2019

FL: Two Men Allegedly Held Mother At Gunpoint: Son Kills Both

Suspects who allegedly entered a Brevard County, Florida, home Thursday and pointed a gun at woman’s head were shot dead by the woman’s son.

News 6 reported that 20-year-old Alvin Smalls and 18-year-old Amir Rashad Lynn allegedly broke into the home at a time when the mother’s son was in the house asleep. The son awoke to strange sounds, only to discover the suspects allegedly had his mother at gunpoint.

The son shot the suspects. Smalls died in the home and Lynn fled, only to die later at a hospital.

The son called 911 after shooting the suspects:

WESH 2 reported that the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office believed the shooting was an issue of self-defense. Brevard County Sheriff’s spokesman Tod Goodyear said, “Right now it appears it is a case of them defending themselves in the home.”

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