Sunday, August 25, 2019

Fl: Man Shoots Woman who was Holding Rifle in his Home

A Jacksonville homeowner went into his home off Edgewood Avenue North Thursday morning to find a woman holding one of his guns, police said. He shot her, and she is now hospitalized, police said.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dean,
I have read your blog every day for years. I have never commented before. As I could find no other way to thank you for the great service your blog provides, I'm posting here in regard to your excellent update piece on the Tuttle murders by HPD. I've been following this since it first broke. I have been concerned that this egregious crime would be swept under the carpet. HPD sure seems intent on that. From your article it now appears justice may be served.
PS: I also loved the bear series. Great work. I deeply appreciate your service.

Anonymous said...

Ditto,, dean Does a great job.