Sunday, August 25, 2019

TTAG video of Gun Owners of America Rachel Malone and Stephen Willeford at Texas Capitol Building

The Truth about guns did an excellent job covering the Gun Owners of America rally in Austin, Texas.

Rachel Malone is Gun Owners of America's representative in Texas. I have met Rachel. She is smart, dedicated, talented, and easy on the eyes. She is also extremely effective.

The rally is nicely done with Stephen Willeford, the hero who stopped the mass killing at the Sutherland Springs church in November of 2017. Stephen is articulate and knowledgeable. He does an excellent job. It is worth watching him debate a heckler who is passionate, but poorly informed. The debate starts about 18:50.

As The Truth About Guns notes, the rally attendee to Rachel's left seriously needs to get a holster.

Link to video

The debate about citizen ownership of guns is mostly one-sided, if there is an actual debate. Second Amendment supporters win on facts, with the culture, and with the Constitution.

But, there has to be a debate for Second Amendment supporters to win.

Without the debate, emotion and Leftist propaganda win.

Dean Weingarten

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