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Second Amendment Activism at Denny's in Wisconsin

A correspondent I have known since his childhood spends a large part of his time overseas as a missionary.

Coming back to Wisconsin, he was surprised to find a "No Firearms Allowed" sign at a Denny's. I believe this is a local policy, decided by each local manager of the francise. My correspondent gave me permission to edit the account of his reaction. His overseas experience has made him appreciate the freedoms Americans take for granted. His account:

Returning to America after having been gone half a year, lends itself to re-entry culture shock. I recently returned to the USA. I am extremely politically active as well as up to speed on currant issues.  I was shocked by the the anti freedom advances the leftists have made in rural America.

Driving north into Wisconsin on the Interstate, I decided to pull into a Denny's for one of their breakfast specials. I was shocked to see a "No Firearms" sign! 

I was traveling with my father, who said: " Well, I guess we better find another place to eat, one that loves freedom". 

I replied "Yes, but I won't just walk away in silent defeat". 

We went in; a friendly waitress asked if only the two of us would be dinning. " No", I replied, "neither of us would be staying." 

I asked if the manager was available. I was informed the manager was not there. When that happens I  ask the employee to deliver a message to the manager. The waitress assured me she would. I asked her to let the manager know they had lost two customers because they did not embrace our God given rights, protected by American Constitutions' Second Amendment. I told her they had made themselves a soft target for the next would be mass murderer. 

Criminals typically (and wisely so) do not target establishments where they know they may be stopped by a good guy with a gun. By denying me the right to protect myself and family in their establishment, we become a vulnerable target. I will not put myself or loved ones in such a position of helplessness.
I realized I was talking to one of many uninformed Americans. This waitress responded with a "deer in the headlights" look. She replied, "I'm sorry you feel this way". I again asked her to share this with her boss. She assured me she would. 
I was polite, I did not yell or raise my voice. I simply explained reality. We drove to the next exit and stopped at a restaurant that did not discriminate against armed Americans. My father and I had a good meal. As I paid the bill, the waitress said, " I've never seen you here before, what brought you in?" I happily replied,  "Liberty, the fact that you do not have a statement against freedom on your door. You are not anti-gun." 
She looked at me and said: "No, if someone wants to carry a firearm, good for them. We need people to show support for our rights."
Restaurants often operate on a slim profit margin. It doesn't take many aggrieved customers to affect the bottom line. The general consensus used to be, commercial establishments were best served by avoiding political fights. 

I find many travelers appreciate the United States more, after they have visited other countries. The United States is unique in many respects. One of the most obvious is the right to keep and bear arms. Switzerland used to be close; the European Union has used economic pressure to have it impose more restrictive gun laws. 

We at Ammoland would like to know if others have learned to appreciate the Bill of Rights in their travels to other countries.
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Anonymous said...

I was stationed in Germany. The only weapon I saw over there was on a local cop. He was very polite when he told me to stop washing my car, in the street, on Sunday He asked if I was in the American military. I said yes. He said well If you stop right now I will not cite you, but you are violating seven laws. You can not wash your car in the street, You can not wash your car on Sunday, a neighbor reported you. I asked if I could rinse the soap off, He said no that is why you cant wash your car in the street. the water is recycled for drinking water. It is illegal to work on Sunday. When you wash your car you must put it out of the street and in the yard. You must park with two wheels on the curb and actually you are violating about seven laws right now so if you stop now No problem. Petrol stations take turns being open on Sundays so that families can travel on Sundays. We went to every castle on the Rhine and Neckar rivers for Sunday entertainment, walked the town square and ate ice cream from the local cafes that took turns being open on Sundays. The government decided who and when could be open on Sundays. The door had better be locked if it was not your turn. No one could do clean up work in their own business on Sundays if the business was required to be closed on Sunday that week. We went to the movies once And saw the movie Die Nunnen Von Vaughnen, the movie theater was right next to a church, No rating posted, no age limit and it turned out to be a XXX movie. We left. It took my wife's eyes about a week to shrink back to normal size. The vehicle insurance is calculated by horse power rating. A local motor cycle gang had a meeting place in the neighborhood. They did their best to look like real bad As*s, Leather jackets with chains hanging around their collar, sun glasses, steel pot helmets and they took over the roadway and I could have fallen down laughing if I wanted to start a fight. The leader of the gang was about six feet four inches and at least 300 pounds. It must have been a challenge to look tough riding a Honda 50. Most of the gang were on Honda 50's. There was no unemployment, everybody had some kind of a job. I saw a guy with no legs with an appropriate job close to the ground He was on a flat roller pad laying cobble stones, in traffic, with a helper that made sure he had all of the sand and cobble stones he needed as he progressed. The speed limit in towns was 15km (about 10 miles per hour) and there is no speed limit on the freeways (the autobahn) but it is illegal to put a Porsche engine on a Volks Wagon trans axle, It will go faster than even the Germanys are comfortable with. All Sunday entertainment is regulated. Some of the Castles were destroyed by various wars and most were built between the years 800 to 1200 and along the Roman trade routes. The destruction by catapult was amazing, then they were burned. Few castles were left un damaged. Heidelberg Castle is operated as a tourist trap and the time period is supposed to be around 1200 A.D.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one addressing the constitutional civil rights violation on gun free zones or businesses a federally guaranteed right can not be denied by any one. Liberal opinions of who or why a right can be denied are not law. Businesses open to the public are subject to a law suit for denial of rights. The cap on such suits is 15 million dollars. If they can not stop you from reading a book with your lunch, they can not stop you from exercising your right to self defense. All rights have equal protection. Self defense is a personal responsibility. Unconstitutional laws or regulations are void. If the owner of a business interferes with your right of self defense, the owner must guarantee your safety. If you are harmed by a local ordinance the town or county or state is liable and maybe all three. Police have no ability to prevent crime, their job is to investigate crime after the fact. as long as the word criminal exists, there will be law breakers. as long as laws exist there will be criminals. Laws designed to create criminals by civil rights limitations are constitutionally void.

Anonymous said...

A year or so ago, my wife and I went to a local Chili's restaurant and they had a "gun free zone" sticker on the front door. I pointed it out to her and commented about being a "defenseless victim" in the unlikely event should something happen. We don't get to that particular restaurant very often. A few months later, we were back at the same restaurant and we noticed the sticker was gone. Someone must broached the subject to management.

Anonymous said...

Only a court can suspend a right and only after conviction. we see housing authorizes and county supervisors impose fines for violating some regulation they wrote. Fact, only a judge can impose a fine for any thing.