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Candidate Elizabeth Warren: #EndTrafficViolence

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Candidate Elizabeth Warren has opened a window into the Progressive mindset. It does much to explain the war on guns and the Second Amendment.

Ride Fast creates great satire with his comment:
No one needs a car that was originally designed for war.
In previous articles I have elaborated on how "gun violence" is an Orwellian phrase, designed to force you to think about disparate issues in a specific way.  It is designed to link suicides, murders, accidents, and justified homicides all together with only  one solution: infringe on Second Amendment rights to possess, carry, and use guns.

Given the intense support of the legacy (Progressive) media, the term "gun violence" works well to program those who do not look deeply into the issue. They often weakly support restrictions on gun ownership and use, especially after particularly horrific crimes are broadcast in the media for weeks or months.

Elizabeth Warren, called Pocahontas by President Trump, (for her decades long benefits from a false claim to be of Cherokee extraction) has decided to clone the term for draconian regulation of transportation. The new term is "Traffic Violence".

Both terms are rooted in the fairy tale fantasy of a perfect world created by Leftists.

Violence is neither good or bad. For some things to live, other things have to die. We cannot have foxes and bears and wolves without other animals being violently killed. We cannot keep a country without using violence to prevent invasion, subversion or rebellion. You cannot keep food, shelter and your family safe without either being willing to use justified violence yourself, or to delegate to the government the power to use violence for you, or both, to prevent people from stealing your means of survival or killing, raping and enslaving you and yours.

The fantasy driven left has pushed the idea that violence, in itself, is evil.

Violence is neutral, like gravity. It can be used for good or evil.

Traffic accidents tend to be violent events. When most people think of violence in a political context, they think of crime, of willful violence committed against another person. From the  Google dictionary, violence:
behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
There is a legal definition: 
the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.
There is a secondary definition:
strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.
The term "gun violence" takes most people's assumption of the primary definition and the legal definition, and twists them with the secondary definition to include suicides and accidents all under the "gun violence" propaganda term.

Warren's #EndTrafficViolence takes the word twisting a step further, to include all three definitions into one Orwellian phrase, mostly applying to traffic accidents.

I do not think it will work. It is a step too far, taken by a far left candidate desperate to cater to far left activists in her presidential primary bid.

It is a good example of the Orwellian word games the legacy (Progressive) media and the Democrats use to fuddle and emotionalize debate, to rule the nation. It has lost its punch as alternative media exposes its perfidy.

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Anonymous said...

Sixty years ago, there was a clear distinction between an unmarried woman with children, a divorced woman with children and a widow with children. Now, all three are lumped together with the less benign term of "single mom." Gun violence and this new one called "traffic violence" may take time, but, who knows, it very well might succeed.


Anonymous said...

I just violently attacked a box of chocolate chip cookies.