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More Resistance to Tyranny from New Zealand

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People from New Zealand are affectionately know as Kiwis. There is a strong gun culture in New Zealand. It has been there from the beginning. The Maori tribesman, warriors (and cannibals), took to guns more quickly than nearly any other technology the British brought to the islands. The British were not wimps when it came to warfare.

The nation of farmers, hunters, fishers and warriors kept their guns and had little regulation for a hundred and fifty years.   With the British push for gun control after WWI, handguns came to be registered and regulated.  With that regulation, the courts simply refused to honor the centuries long tradition of an "Englishman's right to arms", which is the precursor of the Second Amendment in the United States.

After WWII, urbanization, and the elites growing disdain for Christianity, the Media in the English speaking countries became the primary power broker.

The Media has pushed for population disarmament all over Western Civilization. In New Zealand, there is now formal censorship of ideas. 

There is resistance to the building tyranny in New Zealand. What follows is a post from the Kiwi Gun Blog.  It has not been censored yet.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has over 10,000 active members. That is the equivalent of 2/3 of a million members in the United States.  The submission is long, and people can go to the original and read it. Here are a few relevant excerpts. The original submission is at least five times as long as these excerpts. It is worth reading.  From the Kiwi Gun Blog:

Submission from the Kiwi Gun Blog

The Kiwi Gun Blog
I write this submission in opposition to the Bill and on behalf of the Kiwi Gun Blog and its more than ten thousand active supporters.
These men, women and young adults are among the most responsible, reasonable and lawful citizens in New Zealand. Please consider our concerns.

It should be noted that several Members of Parliament are on record as saying that if the first amendments to our gun laws had not been rushed through in a matter of panicked days – then they never would have been.
This was a disgraceful end run around democracy.
Good law does not need emotion, a lack of opposition and mass propaganda to pass. As I said in my submission at the time – only a conman needs to create a false sense of urgency.

“Most shooters are not the problem…”

This is a gross insult. Literally 99% of gun crime is perpetrated by people without a gun license. With a quarter of a million licensed firearm owners and at least that number again shooting under supervision with them – it is an insult to suggest that even a percentage of us are an issue. We are not.

The final insult…

Even as this government has stripped the lawful of their rights and threatened licensed gun owners with several increased penalties for non-compliance – they have also forgiven our worst gun criminals.
The career criminal who stole twenty six guns from our incompetent police was just asked to apologize and will be unlucky to serve even a year.
Bias of the committee
It is inappropriate for MP Deborah Russell to be the Chairperson of this Committee. Or even associated with it. She has displayed extreme bias in this area and even boasted of strong ties to an anti-shooting extremist group. Headed by a family member.
This MP even gushed in the house about her ‘Aunty Marie’ providing her (False) information on which to base her strongly voiced anti shooting opinions.

Shooters are not divided on opposing these laws…

Our Police have behaved in a truly disturbing way while implementing the new gun laws. They have abandoned the role of enforcer to become PR spokespeople. Snake oil salesmen.
They have deleted any criticism on their social media pages. They even admitted ordering officers to hand private arms in early to give the appearance that the buyback was a success. To suggest shooters were ‘Generally supportive”. We are not.

Here is what the people of New Zealand NEED from new gun laws:

What follows is a list of 22 verified problems with police lobbying for these laws and of problems with police incompetence with firearms law. The Kiwi Gun Blog calls for specific reforms, but particularly to remove gun regulation from the hands of the police.

They include the inability of police to track a firearm to its lawful owner, even though he informed them they had the firearm.

They include information the 10% of the guns being confiscated in Australia are homemade.

They include examples of handguns smuggled into New Zealand. 

 The submission from the Kiwi Gun Blog is an excellent example of logic and reason in the fight for their rights.

I hope the National party, at least, reads it and considers it.

I very much doubt the Labor Party will.

The upcoming vote and elections will be critical for Kiwis attempting to defend their rights.

Critical elections are happening all over the Western world.

What is under attack, generally, is the idea of limited government responsible to the people. Freedom of speech is particular under attack, because the Media organs do not wish their dominance to be challenged.

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Walter Wilson said...

Keep fighting. Removing your right to protect yourself is as insidious as "crime think" where you can be penalized for what someone thinks you are thinking. From what I'm reading you are well on your way toward the George Orwellian future.

We in the United States will win. Abridging our rights to our firearms is a gross infringement of our Constitution, the second amendment.

Trying to abridge our Constitution without following the procedure set forth in the Constitution amounts to treason. There will be civil war before there is surrender of guns more than likely. Don't go there. Civil War is the most vicious, unfair, bloodied, type of war there ever was. We had one here in United States of America. It killed hundreds of thousands of good people. Brother Skilling brothers, sons killing fathers, whole societies torn loose from the land and ruined forever.

To paraphrase an old pretty saying, keep a stiff upper lip.

Anonymous said...

No one has to guess what I'm thinking. If they come for my guns some one is going to die. If they get them I wont need them any more and if they die they didn't get them. I live alone, every weapon I have is always fully loaded. I'm barely an arms length away from a loaded weapon any where in my home and each weapon has extra ammo with it. I keep two months of drinking water and six months of food on hand. food that does not require any cooking. I am equipped to always get more drinking water. I can always make more ammo. I have the equipment to make more weapons and many weapons that do not require ammo. the target I cant hit has not been invented yet. I have all of the medical supplies I need, even to remove bullets, bandages and medicines. I started preparing over 15 years ago for civil war. If there is any thing lower than a gun grabber I don't know what it is. God gave me the right of self defense not the second amendment.