Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to all from Gun Watch!

Merry Christmas! 

I will be traveling on Christmas Day, to be with family.

Writing will slow a bit for a few days. Please bear with us.

Expect an update every couple of days, at least. We may miss a day or two during the holidays.

God Bless you, every one!

The illustration is from the Scottsdale Gun Club. I had a small part in creating it. Terry Schmidt, the founder along with his wife, Nadine, credits me with inspiring him to a career in the gun business.

Terry is a second cousin, and long ago, during a rainy day in California, I spent a couple of hours teaching him how to shoot, indoors, with a Ruger revolver and plastic Speer Target .38 loads.

I am forever humbled that such a small start could have such wonderful results.

My part was tiny, yet, according to Terry, influential.  I think he was about 12 at the time....

I know the year... It was 1974, a little after the first of the year, as I recall.

Dean Weingarten

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