Thursday, December 19, 2019

PA: Historical Domestic Defense from 1991, Charlize Theron

She continued, “So both of us were leaning against the door from the inside to have him not be able to push through. He took a step back and just shot through the door three times.”

“None of the bullets ever hit us, which is just a miracle,” Charlize added.

To save her daughter and herself, Gerda shot her husband.
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ExpatNJ said...

Unfortunately, despite this incident, Charlize Theron is a Hoplophobe. She is also a two-faced hypocrite (the lowest form of life I know of), as she uses guns in her movies, yet speaks out against them for the general populace. I have no use for Theron or her productions. Here is a sample of her comments and activism:

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Charlize Theron Calls Conservative Arguments Against Gun Control “So Outrageous” - March 17, 2018

Charlize Theron Says It’s “So Outrageous” To Arm Teachers With Guns - March 18, 2018

'It's so outrageous to me': Charlize Theron puts on a demure display as she addresses U.S school gun violence during a conference in Dubai - March 17, 2018