Sunday, October 11, 2020

TX: Home Defender Tells How he Accessed Rifle, Shot Home Invader

"He had blue gloves on and a surgical mask, and he pointed at me and said you’re going to come with me. He was very matter-of-fact and very determined--it was stressful, it was scary.” said Duffy regarding seeing Ramirez for the first time. "You know I yelled to the intruder stay where you are, don’t move, stay where you’re at right now, don’t move, the cops are on their way,” 

Duffy then bolted for the bedroom and grabbed his rifle. He proceeded to shoot Ramirez twice in the chest. He continued firing shots at Ramirez until he could get his girlfriend and roommate to safety. By the time authorities arrived Ramirez was already dead.

Duffy was shot in the shin and his roommate was shot in the shoulder. Neither of their injuries were life threatening.

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