Friday, June 18, 2021

OH: CCW Holder Shows Concealed Gun to Stop Harrassment at Amusement Park

A Kings Island security officer who observed the initial incident of verbal harassment between the juveniles and a park patron with his son as they were leaving. She said she saw the park patron raise his shirt to show that he was armed and said, “you wanna come at me?”

However, the security officer said at no time did the park patron threaten the juveniles or grab his gun from his waistband. Police said the park patron had a valid concealed carry permit, according to the police report. Kings Island park security cameras confirmed what police found, according to park officials. No charges were filed against the park patron.

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Anonymous said...

In Arizona it is perfectly legal to draw and display the weapon and no permit is required for open or concealed carry. it is a little late to draw and display if a group is kicking your ass Draw and display gives the attackers an opportunity to change their mind about assaulting you They decide for you if you need to prove how well the weapon works Draw and display can save lives.