Wednesday, September 08, 2021

AR: Parent Protects Student by Displaying Gun, is Arrested

This is Principal Nancy Rousseau.  I wanted to make you aware of an unfortunate altercation on campus today involving some students from another school and one of our students.  During arrival this morning, students from the other campus approached one of our students, and the parent of our student displayed a gun.  Our Safety and Security team as well as our School Resource Officers from the LRPD took immediate action and secured the weapon and took the parent into custody.   The students from the other campus left the scene but will face disciplinary action from the district and the law. The parent with the gun is also subject to legal action as it is against the law to have a gun on school premises.

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Anonymous said...

See how Arizona law differs from some of the other states? It is not illegal in Arizona to display a weapon in self defense or defense of another. That would be an unlawful arrest in Arizona. I have a bad habit. If I have to draw I always shoot. I cant stand people that make threats. If I need to draw plan on me hitting what I had to draw for.