Monday, May 09, 2022

CA: Gunfight, Store Employee wounded, released, 1 of 4 Robbery Suspects Wounded

The gunfire broke at the "Smoke Shop" just before 7 p.m. in Compton, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said. Four people entered the store and pointed handguns at an employee behind a counter. 

An employee appears to be wearing a ballistic vest with "SECURITY" written on it, according to security footage released by authorities Wednesday. One suspect can be seen taking out a gun and pointing it at him.

The employee pulls out a gun and a gun battle ensued. The suspects trip over each other as they try to flee and fire several rounds at the store employee. 

He was shot in the neck and face but was later released from the hospital. 

A half-hour after the gunfire exchange, deputies responded to Martin Luther King Hospital for a gunshot victim. Investigators said the victim was one of the four suspects at the smoke shop who had been wounded.

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