Wednesday, May 04, 2022

TX Followup: Carl Welch found Not Guilty in Shooting of Terry Cale in 2014

After eight years, a Hunt County man has been cleared of a murder charge involving a 2014 shooting death.

A jury in the 196th District Court returned a not guilty verdict Wednesday evening in the case against Carl Allen Welch. Testimony began in the trial April 19.

Welch, 56, had pleaded not guilty to a count of murder in connection with the death of Terry R. Cale of Wills Point.

Defense attorney Katherine Ferguson said the jury’s verdict is the correct one.

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Anonymous said...

Why struggle with a car thief? car window replacements are not that expensive. shoot through the window and let the cops drag him out.

Anonymous said...

An absolute disgrace to justice! Only in Hunt County can you phone a man TWICE in a day, asking him to come to your home to sign divorce papers for your "common law" step daughter, leave the locking gate open and then shoot the man 7 times, 4 in the back from a second story balcony when he does show up and still walk free. If that jury knew the REAL story of Carl Welch and the players in this murder they would have hung him on the courthouse lawn! Follow the money, people, FOLLOW THE MONEY! Terry's wife, the daughter of Kathy Hall, the at the time girlfriend of CW married Terry 3 weeks before this murder. Terry was an Marine and was set to get a lump sum pension payment of roughly 50k the next week. Guess who got that money and collects a pension check every month from a man she was married to for 3 weeks before her "step-dad" murdered him? Bingo. There's your motive that was not allowed in court. Your welcome.

Anonymous said...

....and as an addition to my comment that is being reviewed now...if you want a REAL story to investigate, you need to jump on this one as there is so much more than the tiny tidbit I just gave.