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First Victim and Armed Samaritan were both Legally Armed in Greenwood Park Mall

The first victim killed in the mass murder at the Greenwood Park Mall was Victor Gomez, a well thought of husband, father, and craftsman. 

The story was reported by Vic Ryckaert of WRTV.  Vic was able to obtain the exclusive information by talking with Greenwood Police Chief Ison as they walked to Ison's vehicle. 

Chief Ison revealed Victor Gomez was found to have a handgun on his person as investigators processed the crime scene. 

Chief Ison said Gomez was not able to access the handgun in self defense, as he was shot to quickly to draw his firearm.  From WRTV: 

One of the people shot to death by a gunman at Greenwood Park Mall
Sunday was carrying a handgun that he never had a chance to pull,
Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison told WRTV.

"He (Sapirman) comes out (of a restroom) and the very first person that he sees walking into the restroom, he fires on, (he) shoots, then turns the gun to the food court and starts firing into the food court," Ison said.

Gomez was the first of five people who were shot by the suspect. Three of them died.

Police later found that Gomez was carrying a handgun. Gomez, Ison said, had no chance to pull his gun and defend himself.

He had no time,” Ison said.

Vic Ryckaert confirmed to this reporter via email Police Chief Ison communicated the information to him without other reporters present. 

On the afternoon of July 20, WTHR, confirmed Victor Gomez, the first victim, was armed when he was killed. 

“Never had a chance to use his weapon,” said Greenwood Police Chief Jason Ison. 

This is reminiscent of the West Freeway Church of Christ defense shooting in White Settlement, Texas. The murderer in that case killed the first armed defender, then another church member before he was killed with skilled shooting by Jack Wilson.  Wilson made a difficult shot with precision, as did Eli Dicken.

It is very difficult to prevent someone from killing without warning, if they are prepared to die while killing others. The numbers killed are greatly reduced if an armed responder is on the scene, able to react quickly.

More than fifteen percent of adults in Indiana have concealed carry permits. As of July 1, Indiana instituted Constitutional Carry.  Adults who may legally own guns in Indiana are now able to carry them concealed or openly, without obtaining separate government permission before doing so.

No information has been released as to whether Victor Gomez had an Indiana License to  Carry Handgun (LTCH). He probably did not need one under the Constitutional Carry law in Indiana.

Early reporting by Greenwood Police Chief Ison indicated the police had
not found that Eli Dicken had an Indiana License to Carry Handgun 
(LTCH) permit.

Eli Dicken has retained a well known defense attorney and firearms instructor, Guy Relford. Relford has confirmed Eli has a valid Indiana LTCH, and released the image of the LTCH.


In any situation where it is legal to carry firearms in Indiana, where there are 10 adults, the chance of encountering a person with a LTCH is over 80%

Eli's permit is a lifetime carry permit. Eli took his responsibility to carry and protect his life and the lives of others, seriously. 

The sad death of Victor Gomez shows how important it is to have more than one Armed Samaritan at hand when events demand their attention. What make, model and caliber of handgun Victor Gomez was carrying has not been made public as of this writing.


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