Thursday, July 21, 2022

ID: Drunk Man Enters Wrong House, is Shot, Killed

Damien S. Giles was killed May 13 after entering a neighboring residence on the 600 block of Second Street in Nezperce, according to police reports. Although Giles was known to the previous owners of the home, he had no connections to the current owner and no prior communications with him.

In a prepared statement, Lewis County Prosecutor Zachary Pall said “this is clearly a case of self-defense. The homeowner was startled by an intruder into his darkened house with nearly all of the lights off. ... (The homeowner) told Giles to leave before Giles aggressed him. Not only did Giles not leave but he did aggress the homeowner. Although the homeowner had no duty to retreat under Idaho law, he did so. He called for law enforcement prior to shooting and can be heard warning Giles again before shooting.”

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