Saturday, February 04, 2023

Open Carry in Las Vegas 2023, Observed while Covering SHOT Show

Liquor World on Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas.

On January 16, Monday, after coming back from the industry day at the range, prior to the opening of the SHOT Show on Tuesday, this correspondent was outside in Las Vegas, on Tropicana Avenue, in front of Liquor World, taking a few pictures. The weather was cool, but not cold. It was overcast, without raining.  A young black man drove up in a late model sporty car, parked, got out, and entered the store with an openly carried pistol stuck in his waistband.

As a writer for AmmoLand, this correspondent knew he had to take action. This correspondent formulated a hasty plan.

As the young black man exited the store, this correspondent approached him and said:

"I am a writer covering the SHOT Show. May I take a picture of your open carry pistol?"

The young man looked me up and down. Approaching a complete stranger in front of a liquor store is a mildly risky proposition. He answered:

"Who do you write for?"

"AmmoLand" was the reply.

I elaborated: I do not need to include your face, or any identification. I simply want to document the open carry here in Las Vegas. He obviously had places to go and people to meet. After he agreed, I quickly took a couple of shots. We briefly chatted.


He stated he was glad they made open carry legal, and wished they would do it everywhere.

I told him I frequently open carried in Arizona. It was common there.

It was not the time or place to critique his holster or offer expert advice. A holster clipped to the inside of the waistband of sweatpants is not a practice I would normally recommend.  Offering intimate advice about the carry of weapons is not something this correspondent is willing to do with chance encounters in front of liquor stores.

The young man may have had good and sufficient reason to pop the holstered pistol inside the waistband of sweatpants, with only a small cord for a belt. The trip to the liquor store might have been to meet the urgent request of a wife or girlfriend, or another reason which required quick action.

The above paragraph is speculation.

Factually, a young black man in a very nice car (late model Mustang) felt no inhibitions to openly carry what appears to be a Smith & Wesson SD series into a liquor store on Tropicana Avenue. No one complained, or even seemed to notice, except for this correspondent.

My new brother in the Gun Culture turned onto Tropicana and expertly merged into the far left lane to turn north on Koval.


The normalization of armed Americans continues. Some might claim a young black man in a lovely, late model car, entering a liquor store with a pistol tucked into his waistband, would be reason for alarm. It was not for this correspondent, nor did it appear to be for anyone in the vicinity. Criminals almost never openly carry arms, for obvious reasons. They have a "mens rea" to use the legal term, or "guilty mind".  The Bible has much sound advice. From Proverbs:  the wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.


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