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Taurus Introduces Compact, Optic Ready TX22 at 2023 SHOT Show


Taurus has shown a compact version of its popular TX22 pistol at the 2023 Shot Show in Las Vegas. The pistol is .34  inches shorter with a half inch shorter barrel, at 3.6 inches compared to the standard version, which has a 4.1 in barrel, or the TX22 competition, with a 5.25 inch barrel.

The compact version is 6.7 inches in length, and  4.9 inches tall, with a slightly reduced magazine capacity of 13 rounds instead of 16 rounds. It is .54 inches shorter from top to bottom of the grip, compared to the original TX22.

The Taurus web site says it has a barrel twist rate is 1 in 10, instead of the more common 1 in 16.  Consultation with Taurus representatives at the SHOT Show confirm this is not a typo. The rate of twist was deliberately changed to increase the back pressure to make function of the pistol more reliable. An ancillary purpose is to increase the stability of heavier bullets. In this correspondent's estimation, a 1 in 10 twist should stabilize the 60 grain bullets made by Aguila. Those cartridges are made to be quiet, and the heavy bullet for caliber should penetrate well.

The weight has been reduced to 16.5 ounces from 17.3. The compact version fit my hand well. The slide has lightening cuts in it, presumably to accommodate the weight of the optic. An option to bundle a Riton optic with the pistol is said to be available, for an extra $70 for the compact version. It seems a pretty good discount from purchasing the optic separately. The Riton optic appeaas to be the 3 Tactix MPRD2. Small optics on pistols are an excellent option for those with aging eyes. The optics take a little getting used to, but can deliver fast and accurate shots on target.

The compact TX22 at the SHOT Show had a HOLOSUN optic mounted. It does not appear to be a factory option.

The version this correspondent handled at the SHOT show had the excellent trigger of the original TX22, and the same manual safety, which is ambidextrous, positive, and easy to use. The safety allows the pistol to be unloaded with the safety on, a nice feature.

10 round magazines are available for those areas who still have restrictions on magazine capacity. Those include other countries as well as states which insist on court challenges. The magazine restrictions are likely to be resolved in the courts in the next year or two, in the United States. 16 round magazines fit the compact pistol. The user needs to be careful. Do not forcefully slam the 16 round magazine into the compact version. It can damage the magazine and/ or the pistol.

A representative at the Taurus booth indicated some of the market is anticipated to be concealed carriers who are recoil sensitive, or who choose to carry a .22 for whatever reason. In the vast majority  of defensive situations, having a gun is far more important than caliber. Most situations are resolved without a shot being fired.

The compact version of the TX22 has a Manufacture Suggested Retail Price of $399, $50 more than the original TX22. It comes with two 13 round magazines, or two 10 round magazines. Versions without a manual safety or a threaded barrel are available as well.

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