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Book Review: America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything

Book Review: America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything, by Christopher F. Rufo, 340 pages, 2023, Published by Harper Collins.

Rufo does wonderful work explaining how the irrational and innumerate leftist radicals took over the institutions and political structure of the USA.  It was planned. It was executed. It was through the deliberate and calculated use of lies, fraud, hypocrisy and coordinated rejection of truth, morality, rationality and science. The strategy was to conquer the universities from within, as a power base, then to use them to destroy culture, morality, ethics, history, as they conquered the media, bureaucracies, and government. As a final step, the entire structure of constitutional government would be overthrown by redefining words to mean the opposite of common meanings.

The history starts with the failure of the violent Marxist revolution against the USA in the 1960s. I remember the bombings, the armored car robberies, the assassination of police officers. The USA fought back. The revolutionaries were not popular. They were defeated.

Herbert Marcuse was a transplanted Marxist from Germany, during WWII, sustained in USA universities. He became depressed with the failure of Marxist revolution in the USA. He could not admit the basic assumptions of Marxism were wrong. He developed a complex new theory, where white intellectuals would team with the radical Black Nationalists to take over the universities and, from the universities, overturn the knowledge base of the United States, destroy its history, and supplant it with a Marxist history where everything the USA ever did was racist. The USA had to be destroyed to create a new, Marxist utopia.

The first planned casualties were the concepts of truth, objective fact, rationality, and objective history. It is surprisingly close to what George Orwell described in "1984".

Marcuse and his theories created Angela Davis and several other pivotal theorists, who became powerful in the underground movement to take over the universities, all paid for with tax money.

Rufo lays out what happened in a clear and brilliant expose of how this cancer was planted and grew, fed by government largess, maintained by the moral code that anything was acceptable, if it furthered the movement. The license to commit any crimes, lie without accountability, subvert the institutions which fed and sheltered them, gave enormous bureaucratic power to those working hard to destroy the United States.

Rufo is a bit light on the Progressive philosophy, which in this correspondent's view, created the fertile ground for cultural Marxism to take root and prosper.

The book has tremendous value in showing how the cultural monster grew, almost unnoticed, until it had accumulated so much power, it could effectively overturn the history of the country, topple statutes, turn criminals into heroes, and turn cities into sewers.

Read the book. You must know your enemy in order to defeat him. It is ammunition you can effectively use in the counter-revolution now starting. The revolutionaries created by Marcuse, Davis and Derrick Bell are parasites. They do not know how to build, only to destroy. They will never admit their failure, but they always fail.

The difficult part is to build a successful counter-revolution without destroying the country, the Constitution, and the rule of law.  It can be done. Those who believe men are not women, math is not racist, and property is not theft, far outnumber the fortunate few who inhabit our universities, bureaucracies, the dominant media, and the alphabet agencies.  They are lazy, pampered parasites who live off the rest of the country. They have lost touch with reality.

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