Saturday, March 16, 2024

Four NRA Directors to Vote For


The NRA is in serious trouble, the worst crises in the history of the organization.  There is no point in sugar coating the reality. Many of the problems are self-inflicted by the current administration of the organization.

It is this writer's considered opinion the fight to restore the Second Amendment can best be served by voting for the following four nominees for NRA Board Directors:

Phil Journey 

Denis Fusaro

Rocky Marshall

Jeff Knox

Vote only for those four nominees. Voting only for those four magnifies your vote.

In addition, vote Yes on the proposed bylaw change to create a Chief Compliance Officer. It is a position which is badly needed at the NRA.

Then, place your director election ballot and the bylaw change ballot in the provided envelope, seal it, sign it, place a stamp on it and send it off.

About 95% of ballots are never returned. This makes your ballot all the more valuable.

For those who are eligible, the ballot is in the March edition of the NRA magazines.

This correspondent started paying for a life membership in the NRA in 1973 on the installment plan. By 1979 I had voting status. Along the way I became an endowment member. Organizations go through a sort of evolution. Eventually, organizations move from focusing on accomplishing their mission to focusing on benefiting the people running the organization. This correspondent saw it happen in the NRA and fought against it with many others. We lost the battle in the middle 90's.

The NRA is a valuable organization. It has accomplished many useful and worthy goals. There is much in the NRA which should be preserved and much which needs to be reformed. Nominees who have shown themselves to understand the need for reform, early, should be voted in as directors to aid in reconstructing the NRA.

Phil Journey, Denis Fusaro, Rocky Marshall, and Jeff Knox are those nominees. The way the NRA elections work, voting for only these four nominees magnifies your votes. The nominating committee is a construction of the current leadership.

All four reform candidates have been nominated by membership petition in this election.

Most members who are eligible to vote either: do not fill out the ballot(s), do not place the ballots in the envelope, do not seal the envelope and sign it; do not place a stamp on the envelope; or do not mail the envelope with the ballot(s) inside.

The voting members who do the above decide the election for all those who do not. Talk to your friends and relatives. Give them advise on how to vote. 

Those who vote make the decisions for those who do not vote.

This is your chance to make a difference in the NRA. Changes are coming. Much will be decided by the judge in New York. The current NRA leadership has failed the NRA membership. They deserve to be replaced.  Those who brought the NRA to this disaster should not be kept in charge of the organization.

The envelopes must be received by April 28. Now is the time to vote, and to send off your vote.

©2024 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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Anonymous said...

Dean -
Are these your comments and recommendations, or those of someone else? It is a little unclear.

Dean Weingarten said...

They come from the Firearms Coalition, but I agree and endorse them.

I have known Jeff Knox a long time. Have met Phil Journey, Have read some of Denis Fusaro. I don't know as much about Rocky Marshall, but will accept the Firearms Coalition vouching for him.