Saturday, March 23, 2024

WV: Domestic Defense? Gunfight at Home, Victim and Suspect both Wounded

Arbogast was reportedly saying that “he was coming to the residence to cause bodily harm to [the victim’s] family, and kill the entire family,” the release said.

Deputies said a shoe print on the outside of the front door, which matched Arbogast’s shoes, showed he attempted to kick in the front door.

The victim, “fearing for the safety of his family,” fired a 9mm handgun from inside the house, which struck Arbogast, the complaint said. When the victim stepped outside onto the front porch, Arbogast “presented a 9mm handgun and shot [the victim]” wounding him; deputies said the round went through several layers of the home’s drywall, endangering those inside, including the five-month-old Arbogast said he was there to take.

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