Monday, July 08, 2024

WV: Godmother Evicted after Defensive Gun Fight

Addie knew her neighbor was getting in her car to go out to the store.  She heard a sound that made her think the shooter’s clip was empty.

“I heard something drop, so I got up immediately and returned fire,” she said.

Her intention was to get the shooter to leave. “As he seen me get to my neighbor’s car to try to get her out, he immediately repeated shooting again.”  She and the others ran back inside the building until they knew the shooter was gone.  That’s when they were able to get the neighbor, who was not injured, out of her car, which had been hit.

“When I got up to return fire, the young man never budged.  He stood there like he had the intent to really hurt someone,” she said.  For her part, she said she aimed to warn him so he would leave.  She was not shooting to kill the man.  “All I was trying to do was protect.”

Eviction notice

Addie said this week, she had a yellow envelope waiting for her when she got home.  It was an eviction notice.  When she went to her rental office to talk about it, she was told that the folks there agreed that she didn’t break any laws.  She said surveillance video from the incident was reviewed by law enforcement and she fully cooperated with investigators, staying behind to answer questions.

In an interview earlier this week, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department Chief Administrative Officer Eric Burnett told the Panhandle News Network Addie’s actions likely prevented injury, loss of life or further damage.

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