Friday, July 03, 2015

ME: Disarmist shows lack of Imagination

Maine is moving toward constitutional or permitless carry.  It is not a large step for Maine, which has a fairly liberal concealed carry law and constitutional open carry.   The bill, LD 652 need only be signed by the Governor to become law, and it seems likely that Governor Le Page will sign it.  But that does not stop a Maine disarmist from complaining.  From
"And there is no good I can see in having anyone carry concealed guns
without permits, training, background checks and minimum age

So it all comes down to a lack of imagination on the author's part. I can easily see lots of good. A saving in money and time by thousands of people. An increase in personal freedom and a shrinking of an intrusive state bureaucracy. Numerous innocent people who are no longer subject to arrest, fines, and imprisonment.

Hundreds of women and men who are able to defend themselves against criminal attack, animal attack or who now begin to believe that the Constitution actually means something.

Might there be some harm?  Sure, it is possible, but the experience of other States indicate that it will be so small as to be negligible.   

The author seems to belong to the statist school of thought: Everything that is not allowed is forbidden! 

The legal system in the United States is the opposite: Everything that is not forbidden is allowed!  

There is an enormous practical difference between the two philosophises, as indicated by the article.   We have pushed further and further toward the statist system of government for a hundred years.   It is time to push the pendulum back toward freedom.
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