Friday, July 10, 2015

MI: Garbage collector Shoots Aggressive Dog

JACKSON, MI – A dog was shot and killed by a garbage collector on Euclid Street on Monday night, police said.


Holda said the suspect remained at the scene until police arrived and told the responding officers the dog had been growling and attempting to bite him. He said the suspect had a concealed pistol license, and his gun was taken by the officers.

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Anonymous said...

You can't bite someone from 12-15' away!

Anonymous said...

Why do cops think they can take your gun without charges? did shooting the dog end his need for continued self protection? on the other hand anyone can claim a dog is dangerous. Because a dog is not a human I think a legal shooting might have to be after the dog made contact. My German Shepard barks at everything as if to say hello would you please pet me and make friends. Her bark scares the hell out of some but she has never bitten anyone. She thinks everyone should make friends with her. She barks at me when touching me with her nose does not get me up to let here out. she has a set of teeth that crack cow leg bones but most of the time when you see them she is actually smiling. she is a very happy and energetic friendly dog. she barks and runs up to people and then sets down to be petted. the only time I have ever seen her get defensive is with another dog that acts aggressive. She is very protective of me. I think if anyone attacked me she would have them for lunch. I have never seen her act aggressive to other humans, but another persons fears may make her friendliness appear aggressive. She is a big dog but for her size she is as gentle as a tea cup poodle. she actually loves everybody. but strangers don't know that. If anyone shot her for barking they would have a lot of lead to pick out of their own hide. there are many people that think they have a right to shoot a dog any dog. that right ends at my dog. If my dog ever needs to be shot I'll do it.