Thursday, July 09, 2015

TX: Man Grabs Gun, Stops Crime Spree

On criminal can easily commit a large number of crimes.  Removing them from society does a great deal to lower the crime rate.   Often, it is an armed citizen who is on the scene and able to stop the crimes.  This recent example occurred in Perland, Texas.  A man in a close neighborhood stopped a minor crime wave by grabbing a gun and holding a burglary suspect for the police.   From
PEARLAND — A man suspected of burglarizing several cars on one street was caught when a neighbor pulled a gun after finding the man rifling through his car.

Roman Cantu, 29, was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary of a vehicle after several cars were broken into in the 3000 block of CR 222 in Pearland just before 2 a.m. Thursday, Sheriff’s Investigator Clint Lobpries said.

One of the families who lives on the block heard a noise from outside their home, and the owner grabbed a gun and went outside to investigate, Lobpries said.

The man who confronted and caught Cantu, Mike Daniels, fired several shots in the process, but no one was hit.   Cantu slipped while dodging the gunfire.  Then Daniels ran up to him and held him for police.  At least while Cantu is in jail, he will not be committing more crimes.

Update: Picture of Mike Daniels, armed homeowner who captured Roman Cantu:

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, it is amazing how things turn out when not in the abstract discussion arena. These shots could have been warning shots, which functioned exactly as they actually do outside the wild wild west complainers (possibly billed as "misses" by a smart gun owner).

Over and over we are told that "it isn't worth it" to defend property "outside the home". I am so sick of that malarkey. Property is to be defended and it is a GREAT thing when people step up and challenge the criminal element. I hope more do so!

Lives are saved by not letting the criminal element run amok with impunity.

Cyberat said...

Until he escapes or is released from jail because of overcrowding.
Car thieves deserve to be shot dead no matter what, you could keep a weapon in your vehicle.
When criminals are afraid of the average citizen, instant punishment, there'd be less crime.
"Confirmation shot" is the new PC form, for 2 in the head.