Sunday, July 12, 2015

MS: Assault over gate results in Self Defense, Shooting, Death

There are very few details in this case yet.  It appears that two men were on tractors, and there was a dispute over a gate.  When Jerry Lyle attempted to pull James Lawn off of the tractor, Lawn shot Lyle, who died.  The investigation continues, and will be presented to a grand jury in September.  Lawn has not been arrested; the authorities say that it may have been a case of self defense. 

We’re told the shooting might have been an act of self defense.

One of the men wanted the gate closed while the other one wanted it to stay open. Deputies said both men had guns.

The fight got heated when one of them tried to pull the other one off his tractor.

From wapt:
Kenneth said it appears Lyle was shot and killed by Lawn after a fight over an issue of a gate on the road.

No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation continues.

According to Investigator Joe Andrews it appeared Lyle chased down Lawn while he was on his tractor and drew a firearm. Lyle then began to assault Lawn and attempted to pull him off of his tractor at which time Lawn pulled his firearm and shot Lyle.
It is likely that no more will be reported about this case.  The comments at one of the sources (there are only one each) are not illuminating.  If the grand jury finds that the shooting was justified, it will not be included in the FBI list of justified homicides, because the FBI definition specifically excludes this type of shooting.    There is a good chance that no news source will consider a grand jury finding that there is insufficient evidence to charge the shooter, to be newsworthy.  

The shooting is a homicide, so it will be included in the "gun homicide" statistics.

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