Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Jews, Republicans & guns: What is the problem? "Second-Amendment advocates often ask me in frustration, why Jews don't vote Republican. And it's true: the 'Jewish vote' belongs so solidly to the Democrats that the two parties don't even fight over it, as they fight for other minority votes. When I hear this question, I can only shrug and answer: 'Why should Jews vote Republican?' ... [T]he pursuit of law and justice have dominated Jewish culture since biblical days. ... Recently, the two major American parties have moved closer together in their policies. ... George W. Bush, a Republican, is expanding social-service spending ... Since most Jews believe that justice implies providing more government services for the poor, the working class, and seniors, you'd think they might gradually shift loyalties to the Rs. But there is precious little justice offered by today's Republican party."

Arizona: House passes concealed gun law, gets vapors: "The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to let people carry weapons -- including guns, grenades, rockets, mines and sawed-off shotguns -- into schools, polling places and nuclear plants if they claim they're only trying to protect themselves. The vote on the legislation came even after Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix, pointed out it even would bar prosecution of those who want to bring a weapon into the House or Senate. Despite that, lawmakers gave it preliminary approval on a 30-16 margin."

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