Wednesday, March 16, 2005


An email just received

I would like to stick up for Australia in regards to firearms ownership.

Firstly We did not lose all our guns, we lost the freedom of buying without ID and not having to provide any personal details prior to the mass shooting in 1996 which was heavily covered up.

Currently we can still own semi auto, full auto but very restricted or licensed. Also the buyback in 1996 where we supposedly just handed over our all our semi auto military rifles in totally untrue.

The fact is out of the total "660,000" weapons handed in only a small percentage were semi auto. In fact they were mostly worn out rimfire and old Browning shotguns etc. People got huge payouts for say one Browning semi auto 22 and could buy 2 rifles in pump action/lever etc and eventually semiauto again for clay target use. So it actually allowed many to double up on guns -- which the government was very annoyed about. As there were no records in any State it required people to be honest and at that stage no one trusted the government, especially when our brown-nosing Prime Minister you may know of wore a full body armour jacket -- and I mean full sides, lower torso and up to neck bursting out his oversize shirt -- when he spoke to a gun-owners protest rally with a speech full of shit. He was pretty scared that day!

Also their claim of a massive hand-in by civilians of military rifles -- such as Uzis, SLRs, M14, M16 etc were actually primarily seized in storage from wholesalers who held tens of thousands per wholesaler -- plus retail shops were shut temporarily and all military weapons seized.

The true fact is we do now have registration=annoying
We do have restrictions=pain in arse
Club shooters were restricted in barrel length and mags capacity from last year=pain in arse

However we can buy as many guns a month as we want. I collect and bought 9 Handguns in one month.

Fact: In one state alone the weapons licensing authority lost all records of handguns -- approx 30% of total records -- and wrote to owners to verify what they owned. I believe many owners officially own less now.

Australians are easy-going people but generally disobey most regulations by governments, not one government-initiated referendum has been won by the government since federation. Legally the Federal government really have no right to weapons legislation at all as the states under our constitution are the ones who control them. Unfortunately the States were blackmailed with taxes and funding being reduced if they didn't toe the line. It took a while but they all did unfortunately.

We recently had a handgun buyback and even though I can still own .45 cal we lost 50cal but when I decided to let my Stainless Model 645 S&W go, which I paid $600 for, the government paid me $1800 for it and $100 per mag. I doubled my money I then proceeded to buy 6 more Handguns with some having just 2-3mm longer barrels -- which is nothing. Again we ended up with more. Everyone ended up with new handguns, revolvers etc and gunshops loved it as they had seen many hard times.

Australia has 20 million people and about 9 million working adults plus several million minors. It is conservatively said that there are over 4 million illegal militiary-style and F/auto weapons in Australia not to mention the 1 million plus registered shooters plus the 100,000 plus handgun owners of whom mostly have a minimum of 4-5 each.

I am pretty normal and did at one stage own approx 40 plus of the combination of longguns/handguns etc so we still have a large amount of guns per household or 1 in 4 of total population at the minimum quoted by anti-gunners.

The real truth is we probably go close to 1 to 1 or more. As I said earlier, they sneaked into the buyback a small amount of military rifles and shotguns.

Wholesalers said that they imported over 5 million M1 30 carbines, M1 Rifles, Thompsons,(AK and SKS variants about 7 million in the 10 years previous, not to mention the 50BMG Barrett and other rifles, Stens, Austens, FALs, M14, Ar15, Johnson 30-06, BARs -- everything under the sun and that was the last decade plus 5 years. Now, some of these companies have been importing since WW2 and especially 1960 onward. Plus we had our own Brens and SLRs, Vickers, submachine guns as our F1 is similiar to the Sterling. Plus 9mm Owens etc -- and they have no record whatsoever of how many they imported or how many the Army sold to dealers so there is no doubt the place is full of them but just not in the open, but ready and willing for any day they are needed I am sure. There are secret groups who are under the names of freedom fighters who have accumulated artillery, rocket launchers, HMG 50 cal etc. Plus additional more sophisticated weapons.

To be honest, yes, we are far more restricted now but I am legally licensed for everything. Yes they do know what I have but I know there are millions out there they don't know of that may one day help save our country again as we are not like the British or Pommies who had hardly any guns at the outbreak of WW2. While Australia has its limitations it has a great sleeping force in the people out there just waiting to go. Australia is a large barren country as well as heavily timbered mountain ranges run right down the East cost. Perfect for guerilla warfare if neccessary.

We are still gunowners and will be for a long time yet. All is not lost!!

Gun control: It's an assault weapon!: "On Sunday, February 13, 2005, a young man with a history of alleged emotional disturbance got his moment of fame without killing anybody. Had he performed his stunt without a gun, it is questionable that Google would have listed about 1,000 articles on this incident within three days. Nor would the gun banners have used this unfortunate tragedy to grab for their own moment of fame, using other people's pain and suffering to promote their flawed agenda."

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