Monday, March 14, 2005

Virginia: Lawmakers reject gun show bills : "Virginia laws concerning gun shows will remain status quo. Anyone can purchase a firearm at a gun show without having a background check. The Virginia General Assembly rejected a bill requiring all gun show vendors to carry a federal firearms license and submit to a background check. The U.S. Department of Justice has been struggling with what they call the 'gun-show loophole' for years. Attendees can bring their own guns to a gun show, and not only profit from their sales, but not have to provide any background information to authorities."

Common sense key to gun safety: "Statistics indicate that about half of all households in the United States have one or more firearms. While this translates to billions of guns nationwide, accident rates among firearm owners are extremely low. This safety fact speaks highly of responsible gun ownership education around the country.We should not rest on our laurels. Every shooter, hunter and gun-owning citizen should think of their gun-ownership as a privilege, as well as a constitutional right."

Alabama: Convenience store owner shoots robber: "A Phenix City convenience store owner shot and killed a man Tuesday during an apparent robbery attempt, police said. Kintae Omar James, 27, of Phenix City, was shot in the chest inside Don's Fine Foods, 2206 Fourth Ave., by the store's owner, Don Ford, 73, Phenix City Police Capt. Jim Hart said. James was transported to The Medical Center in Columbus but died of the gunshot wound, Russell County Coroner Linda Key said..... He said police responded to a shooting at the store around 4 p.m. When they arrived, they found James lying in the roadway around the corner from the shopping center on 21st Place, Hart said. He said James was running south, away from the store, when he collapsed around the corner of the shopping center.... "Don is just an outstanding guy," Westfall said. "It's just a neighborhood place to go."... A police press release states that Ford told police he shot James because he was attempting to rob him. "It appears there was a robbery attempt," Hart said".

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