Monday, August 06, 2007

Bikini gals with guns

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Pennsylvania Inquest: "The date has been set for the coroner's inquest to a deadly shooting in Somerset County. According to the Somerset Daily American, the inquest will take place this Wednesday and Thursday on the death of Perry Zimmerman. The goal of the inquest is to see whether Zimmerman's death was justifiable homicide. Matthew Eperjesi shot and killed Zimmerman after he said he warned Zimmerman and others not to come into his apartment or else he would shoot. Charges against Eperjesi were previously withdrawn due to self-defense."

Texas homeowner kills intruder: "After realizing that his home had an intruder, a homeowner chased down a 19-year-old man and shot him to death on the Northwest Side early Saturday, according to a police report. Raymond Lemes, 48, said he was asleep when he heard a scream. Lemes grabbed his gun and realized an intruder, later identified as Tracy Glass, was in his home in the 9800 block of Autumn Star. Glass took off and Lemes chased him down the street. When he caught up to the suspect, Lemes said Glass took a swing at him so he shot the man. When police arrived at 2:35 a.m., they found Glass facedown, dead with gunshot wounds to the chest, neck and arm. The homeowner had a license for his .40 caliber Glock pistol, a police report said. He told police Glass probably had gained access to his home through a sliding door that had been broken for some time."


Anonymous said...

Somebody had better teach those chicks some gun safety - fingers off the trigger until you are absolutely ready to fire!

Anonymous said...

This young man was staying with his sister who lived close to Lemes. He went outside to talk to his girlfriend on the phone. He mistakingly entered Lemes residence instead of his sisters. When he realized his mistake he fled the condominium. Lemes chased him down the street and fired 4 shots into an unarmed young man. He had a gunshot to his arm which normally indicates a defensive wound. Took a swing at him? Is Lemes lying in order to rationalize murdering this young man for entering the wrong door?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. The rest of the story is starting to come out. Glass caught trying to get into another neighbors vehicle earlier. When Lemes steped out of the house Glass rushed him from some shrub trimmings in the Lemes yard(wasn't shot fleeing down the street as has been mis-reported) the Lemes family was the true victom here. This has been reported in the SA news. Why not here?

Anonymous said...

Case going to trial now. This case should never had taken so long to get here? Is a man's life at stake because of politics????? Glass was intoxicated and underaged. He should have been more cognisent to his where abouts. It's easy to mock the after affects; however, how would you respond to an invader in your home?????