Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jackson out of step: ""Rev. Jesse Jackson's attempt Tuesday in city rallies to generate support for more restrictive gun legislation clashes with public opinion on this civil rights issue," right to self-defense advocate John M. Snyder said here today. Zogby International early this month found in a poll of 1,020 Americans that 66 percent of the American voting public sees no need for new gun control laws, Snyder noted. "Frustrated with this public opposition," said Snyder, "Jackson and the gun grabbers are trying to intimidate legislators into supporting their radical agenda with these emotionally-charged rallies. "Legislators should wise up to Jackson and company. Millions of voters already know that U.S. Representatives and Senate Judiciary Committee members failed to consider constituent sentiment when they rushed to approve a National Instant Check System (NICS) 'improvements' bill earlier this summer. Why should legislators in Congress and state legislatures continually fly in the face of public opinion regarding the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms?" Snyder said, "One policy initiative which demonstrably would meet with overwhelming support is the elimination of public funding of colleges and universities which prohibit students and professors from carrying guns on campus when they have state issued permits to carry concealed firearms."

Stupid black teen dies after picking a cop: "A 16-year-old is dead and another teen is in custody after a shooting. St. Louis police say the two tried to rob an off-duty female officer, who fired her weapon in self-defense. happened at the intersection of Lawn and Fairview just after 11:00 Saturday night. Police say the officer was in her personal car when one of the teens reached beneath his T-shirt and pulled out a weapon. Investigators say that's when the officer drew her gun. Neighbors heard several shots. One neighbor heard her screaming for the teen to put his hands in the air. Joey Foster Jr., 16, was struck and killed. A 9 mm handgun was found beside him on the sidewalk. Another teen [Amos Taylor -- above] ran, but was later taken into custody. Neighbor Kathy Fleming says she saw them on the street, just minutes before. "I don't know how old those two guys were, but they were so young," Fleming said. "I just thought two guys walking, but that time of night with those backpacks, it was just something out of the ordinary."

Dead Robber Identified in Wichita Kansas Case: "Police have identified the armed robber who was shot and killed by a store employee Saturday morning. Officers say 27-year-old Alexander Mies entered Salyer's Pharmacy at 10:47am with a bandage over part of his face, exposing just one eye. He asked to pick up a prescription under an alias name. Mies then pulled out a handgun and pointed at the clerk. At that point, a 58-year-old employee shot Mies once in head with a shotgun. No customers were inside at the time - just three employees. A delivery worker arrived in the middle of the holdup. Mies pronounced dead at 11:15 am. Police say the shooting appears to be a simple case of self-defense. [See report here of 27th.]

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