Thursday, August 30, 2007

CA: Sudden death for a foolish Hispanic: "Two suspects involved in an officer-involved shooting appeared in court Wednesday. Antonio Ribera, 23, and Gerardo Valencia both pleaded not guilty. Investigators said the shooting was prompted Sunday when officers received a 911 call reporting shots fired from a brown Honda. A Sheriff's deputy, who also heard the shots, found the vehicle and gave chase. The car stopped along Monterrey Street in east Bakersfield, and three suspects jumped out. Ribera and Valencia were arrested. Investigators said German Sarabia, 24, of Arvin was found hiding in a yard, and refused orders to drop his weapon. That is when 11 deputies and Bakersfield police officers opened fire and killed him".

NJ: Restraining order lifted, not gun ban: "A person who has had guns seized by the police because of domestic violence cannot buy guns later - even if the event was long ago and a restraining order has since been dropped, a state appeals court ruled yesterday.The three-judge Appellate Division panel said a Millburn man and his wife, who had a nasty divorce that led to domestic violence charges and restraining orders against both of them, could not have a firearms purchaser identification card. The prohibition survives even if, as in the case here, a restraining order is vacated," Judge Ariel Rodriguez wrote."

Gun Owners Without Borders: ""Gun Owners Without Borders is a proposal for a new international human rights organization.Gun Owners Without Borders recognizes a bond between individual human beings whose right to live is challenged by their governments or other forces.Gun Owners Without Borders supports an inalienable right of people to resist any attempts to exterminate them, regardless of the source or justification for the attempted extermination."

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