Friday, June 26, 2009

Iowa: Clerk's gun scares off would-be robber: "Dominic Mathew had always felt it was better to give an armed robber what they asked for. His philosophy changed after his Food Pantry store on Lower Beaver Road was held up several times, one time with a thief behind the counter and holding a gun to his neck. He got a handgun. On Tuesday, the third time the store was held up, he and a robber were in a face-off with their weapons. “The guy came in from the side (of the store)” and walked in the front door, Mathew said. “That’s where they usually come from. The guy came in with a hoodie on. It was awfully warm on Tuesday, too warm for a hoodie.” Mathew, 30, already had his gun drawn when the robber walked in, he said. The suspect lowered his gun immediately upon seeing the handgun. The would-be robber ran out the door. “I didn’t want to get to this point,” said Mathew. “But there have been a lot of robberies. Times are tough. A lot of people are out of work.” The armed robber who tried to steal from Mathew has not been caught".

North Carolina: One dead after botched home invasion: "Deputies say at least one gunman was killed in an early-morning home invasion near Wagram. Anthony Martin, of Kale Street in Wagram, was shot to death in the failed robbery attempt while two others masked men fled, according to Shep Jones. The sheriff's department did not have Martin's age. Investigators say one of the robbers was 40-year old William Anthony Strickland, according to Jones. The last-known address for Strickland is 9539 Springview Road in Charlotte. Jones would not say how Strickland was identified as a suspect. Jones said the trio entered the home of 62-year Edmond Cooper at 23296 Wagram Street at about 12:30 a.m. through the back door, which had been left unlocked. Debbie Cooper, Edmond's wife, was still up and a suspect knocked her out by striking her over the head. The men then entered the room of the Coopers' 15-year old son. The suspects used ziploc ties to restrain the juvenile. The three men then entered the hallway of the residence, according to Jones. "Edmond Cooper came out of the bedroom with a gun," Jones said. "He fired several shots, hitting one of the suspects." He said the two suspects left standing returned fire, while fleeing from the residence. "Mr. Cooper was shot in the hand," Jones said. Martin was dead when emergency personnel arrived on the scene, according to Jones. Edmond Cooper was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released."

Tennessee: Gunman Shot to Death During Home Invasion: "Dennis Nicholson told detectives that he was confronted by 22 year old Elijah Minnard at the home. Nicholson says Minnard had a shotgun, and 17 year old Jeremie Thomas, had a pistol. Police say the men forced Nicholson inside, and Minnard held Nicholson and 25 year old Lincoya Stephens at gunpoint upstairs while Thomas searched the downstairs area of the home. Police say Stephens grabbed the shotgun to try and disarm Minnard, but Stephens was hit in the leg by a shotgun blast. Police say Stephens and Nicholson still managed to get the gun away from Minnard. Officers say Stephens then pulled a pistol that was concealed in his waistband and shot and killed Minnard. Thomas, hearing the gunfire, went to check on Minnard. Stephens opened fire on Thomas, and he fled the house. Thomas was caught by officers a short time later. Detectives say Thomas told them he and Minnard went to the home to commit a drug-related robbery. No drugs were found in the residence. Stephens is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his leg and has not yet been interviewed by detectives. Thomas is charged at Juvenile Court with two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of unlawful weapon possession, attempted criminal homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, and attempted aggravated robbery.

Kennedy bill could send your gun info into a massive federal database: "At long last, Teddy Kennedy has partially revealed the health care system he wants to foist on the whole country — and it isn’t pretty. It won’t be pretty for your pocket book … OR FOR YOUR GUN RIGHTS! But first, let us explain what TeddyCare is all about. At the center of the plan is what’s called a ‘universal mandate.’”

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