Friday, June 12, 2009

Texas: Bakery worker shoots and kills would-be robber: "A man was shot and killed when police say he tried to rob a bakery. Investigators told News 4 WOAI Roberto Adame tried to rob the Cinderella Bakery in the 1200 block of Saltillo Street on the West Side Wednesday evening. The bakery owner's son, who was working in the back, heard screams and came out with a gun. Police say he shot Adame at least two times. Adame took off running. Police found him a few blocks away from the bakery and called for an ambulance. He was taken to Wilford Hall Medical Center, where he later died. The bakery owner's son is not expected to face any charges."

DETROIT: Gun Turned On Would-Be Robber: "A 16-year-old was shot and wounded with his own gun Thursday morning during an attempted robbery on Detroit's west side, police said. Two teenagers, one carrying a rifle and the other a handgun, approached a man at the BPS Gas Station on Plymouth Road and the northbound Southfield Service Drive around 6:40 a.m. The robbery victim grabbed a gun out of the teen's hand and shot him with it. The wounded teen jumped into a vehicle and attempted to drive away, but crashed into several cars on Forrer Street. He was transported to Sinai Grace Hospital and is in stable condition. The other robber fled the area. There are unconfirmed police reports that the second robbery suspect was arrested in downtown Detroit".

Florida robber shot by victim: "A Sarasota man was targeted by a teenager with a gun early Thursday morning...but the victim happened to be armed as well.... When the father of five pulled into his driveway off Rilma Avenue in Sarasota, he was approached. "I got to the house and opened the gate...guy jumps out on the passenger side with a pump shotgun, tells me to ‘give it up sir...give it up sir.' Which I immediately reached for my weapon, which I had in my pocket, and I did what I had to do to keep from being killed...looking down the business end of a pump shotgun." Firby ended up firing two shots at the suspect. One of them hit the teenager in the abdomen. The suspect was able to return to the vehicle, which was quickly driven away. Detectives say that after checking Suncoast hospitals, they found a juvenile that was dropped off shortly after the shooting. He was at Sarasota Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach. The boy is just sixteen years old. Detectives later caught up with 18-year-old Cadareus Ray [above]. Detectives believe he is the driver and armed the 16-year-old with the shotgun. The 16-year-old suspect is under guard at the hospital. Detectives say he should face adult charges due to the violence in the case."

Holocaust Museum shooting was in DC “gun free zone”: “It should be noted that the museum, as well as all of Washington D.C. are ‘gun free zones’ as far as carrying guns by non-government law enforcement personnel is concerned. Which is ironic when you consider the ‘Personal Histories’ headline on the museum’s ‘Resistance’ page: ‘At that time, a gun and a million dollars, the gun was worth more than a million dollars.’ ‘Never again’ is nothing more than a hollow slogan without the means to protect against it. Disarmament helped make genocide possible.”

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