Thursday, June 25, 2009

ND man shoots intruder: "Here’s the scenario: A man named Vernon Allen is sitting in his apartment late one night watching television. Shortly after midnight, a seventeen-year-old kid named Joel LaFromboise opened his door and walked in. Allen stood and asked the kid what he was doing. Asked him if he needed help. LaFromboise advanced on Allen in a manner Allen took to be combative. Allen grabbed his shotgun and pointed it at LaFromboise and again demanded that he leave. LaFromboise attempted to grab the gun from Allen. A struggled ensued, and LaFromboise ended up getting shot in the chest. At which point he staggered to his parents’ apartment, fell on the floor and died. Now the family of LaFromboise is calling Allen a murderer.... The family isn't sure why Joel LaFromboise wandered into at least three strangers apartments before his death. He does have friends in the area of Romkey Park, just down the street from the apartment complex at 1107 19th St. S. where he died. ... Police have said Allen will not face criminal charges at this time in connection with the shooting, which angers Joel LaFromboise's family."

GA: Aggressive trailer landlord shot: "Police say a tenant and her landlord got into an argument over water service being cut off.... The tenant, Shanon Eulo, says her landlord, Jesse Willis, turned off the water to her mobile home and demanded she get out. With the heat index way over 100º, heated words between Eulo's boyfriend and Willis escalated to gunfire. The shootout over the water to Shannon Eulo's mobile home happened on Homestead Avenue around 7:00PM Monday. Eulo said her landlord and next door neighbor, 46-year-old Jesse Willis, scared her when he confronted her, demanding that she move out. "He cut the water lines, so we have no water," Eulo said. Eulo's boyfriend, 36-year-old John King, repaired the broken pipes, and Willis broke them again. That started an angry argument. "My boyfriend finally hit him," Eulo said. Police say Willis went back to his house, got a .410 shotgun, and shot King's car three times, in the windshield, and the headlight. King came out of the mobile home with a pistol. "Jesse started lifting his gun up and my boyfriend shot him twice," Eulo said. Police agree John King shot in self defense, but arrested him because he is a convicted felon, and should not have a gun. John King is in jail. The landlord, Jesse Willis had surgery and is in good condition. He is charged with aggravated assault."

Guns, grades and government: "Texas is a gun-loving state. You don’t have to look too far for the proof. In 2009, a host of bills concerning gun rights made it to the floor of the Texas Legislature, and while other commentators have covered them thoroughly, it should give us a starting point to consider gun rights as a whole. Notable among this year’s legislative discussion was the passage of a measure okaying 21 year-old gun owners to carry concealed weapons onto state college campuses. The measure came two years after the Virginia Tech massacre, forty-three years after the infamous Charles Whitman shooting spree at the University of Texas, and a year after a UT student was arrested for carrying a handgun to campus."

The next generation of gun rights activists: "Now, more than ever, children are bombarded at school with anti-gun messages. Gun owners are ridiculed in the media and portrayed as either criminals or low IQ rednecks in television and the movies (except the ‘heroes,’ who are always affiliated with law enforcement or the military). Children are not taught the merits of self-defense, only to call the police and huddle under a desk until help arrives.These frequent messages attempt to mold young minds to oppose civilian gun ownership through indoctrination. If this is not countered by a pro-gun message at home, the future of gun rights will be lost.”

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