Sunday, January 10, 2010

I don't get this

I have no time for Senator Soles and it does seem that the incident was part of a homosexual quarrel that Soles had with one of his "lovers" but surely an elderly man has the right to shoot at a young guy kicking his door in. I think the young guy is lucky that he was only slightly wounded -- JR

North Carolina's longest-serving legislator turned himself in for booking Friday after being charged with shooting a former client who was kicking his front door last summer.

State Sen. R.C. Soles and an attorney arrived Friday at the Columbus County Jail for processing. A jail official said Soles was held until he posted a $5,000 unsecured bond.

The Columbus County Democrat was indicted by a grand jury Thursday on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. The indictment alleges Soles "unlawfully, willfully and feloniously" shot Thomas Kyle Blackburn with a handgun on Aug. 23.

Soles, an attorney who had represented Blackburn in court, said he was afraid at the assault.

The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation is currently probing a sexual allegation against Soles even though the man who made that allegation has since recanted it.


OK: Shooting victim charged in accomplice's killing: "A man who was injured during a gunfight that resulted in Tulsa's first homicide of the year was arrested Thursday on complaints of first-degree felony murder and armed robbery. Kendall Roland, 21, was shot in the arm Sunday night when Shawn Huber, 25, was killed by three gunshot wounds to the chest. Detectives determined that the shooting occurred in a residence at 621 E. 42nd St. North, an arrest report states. Witnesses told police that Huber and Roland had gone there to commit a robbery. Huber, who was armed, reportedly struggled with one of the residents over the gun. The resident was able to take control of the weapon and shoot both Huber and Roland, the report says. Huber was hit three times, and a woman drove him to a nearby convenience store, police said. An ambulance met them there, and medics took Huber to St. John Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The arrest report indicates that Roland is accused of felony murder, which asserts that the death occurred while the defendant was in the commission of a felony, which in this case was robbery. Roland and Huber were co-defendants in a 2007 drug case. They received suspended sentences in that case after they pleaded guilty to drug and paraphernalia possession, court records show. Roland also has a conviction for carrying a concealed weapon and faced a domestic assault charge last year"

MS: Two men shot in convenience store altercation: "An altercation at a Jackson convenience store leads to gunfire and a good Samaritan taking a bullet. Shortly after three o'clock Saturday morning J.P.D. officers responded to Jubilee Food Mart in the 3200 block of Highway 80 where they found a man shot in the left hip. Jackson police spokesman Officer Roderick Holmes said three men were arguing inside the store when they went outside and were followed by the store clerk. According to witnesses a fourth man joined the altercation. That's when investigators said a bystander inside the store went outside to help the store clerk. One person in the group pulled a gun and shot the man who came to the clerk's aid. A security guard, who was inside the store, then went outside and fired in defense of the injured man. The four men then left in two separate vehicles, a light and dark colored sedan. Police said later one man arrived at a Jackson hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. The names of the injured have not been released. Jackson police said both men's injuries do not appear life threatening."

Tyranny and gun control: "Over the years, I’ve had conversations with Europeans about gun control. Not surprisingly, they have been very critical of America’s ‘gun culture’ — that is, the widespread ownership of guns among the American people. They have extolled the situation in Europe, where gun-control laws preclude people from freely owning guns, arguing that such laws make for a more peaceful society. My response to such Europeans has included the following: The big advantage we have over you is what happens if a tyrannical regime ever takes power. Except for Switzerland, where most families are well-armed with assault rifles and handguns, Europeans have but one choice when faced with the rise of a tyrannical regime: submit and obey or be killed. Americans, at least, have one final choice — resist with guns... A good example, of course, was Nazi Germany, where German Jews lacked the means to resist their round-ups and incarceration with force and where ordinary Germans, also lacking the means to resist what was going on, kept silent or became government supporters."

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