Thursday, January 28, 2010

MI: Suspect won't be charged in fatal shooting: "The man who shot and killed a 20-year-old Wayne man last week will not face charges, according to Wayne police. After an extensive investigation that included interviews from several witnesses and acquaintances of Andrew Turner, who was shot last week after allegedly trying to enter another Wayne home, uninvited, the police turned the investigation over to the office of the Wayne County prosecutor, which decides whether charges will be filed, said Lt. Jason Wright of the Wayne Police Department. “It was ruled self-defense, justifiable,” said Wright. Police were called to the 4000 block of Niagara Street at about 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 19 to respond to a 911 call that someone had been shot, according to police reports. They found Turner suffering from gunshot wounds, reports said. He was transported to Oakwood Annapolis Hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds. The homeowner was originally held as a suspect, but claimed that Turner had been trying to get into his home, uninvited. The homeowner leveled the gun at the victim and ordered him to leave, according to reports. A struggle for the gun ensued and that’s when Turner was shot, according to police reports of the incident."

FL: Drug dealer shot in self defense: "St. Petersburg police on Wednesday arrested a man who shot and killed a man during a drug transaction Sunday afternoon. Darryl Hooker Jr., 24, of St. Petersburg allegedly shot Robert Hall Jr., 24, at 30th Avenue and 25th Street North. The investigation determined that Hooker shot in self defense. But Hooker, who is a convicted felon, was charged with one count of a felon in possession of a firearm and taken to Pinellas County Jail, police said. During the drug transaction, a friend of Hooker reached to snatch a bag containing narcotics from Hall's friend, police said. Hall produced a handgun and pointed it at Hooker and his friend, police said. Hooker took out a gun and exchanged gunfire with Hall, police said. Police arrived at the scene to find Hall lying on the ground with a handgun in his hand and multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body. He was transported to Edward White Hospital, where he later died from his injuries."

New bill in Utah House would allow for self-defense: "Lawmakers are debating changes to state law regarding the use of deadly force by gun owners. Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, is sponsoring HB78, which would allow a person to use force or "the threat of force necessary to defend a person" against the threat of harm and "when a person may threaten or display a dangerous weapon in self defense," according to the bill's language. "This would actually de-escalate a situation," Sandstrom said in a committee hearing Wednesday. "If you are, by law, allowed to point a gun at someone, that would escalate the situation, but if you're just able to display it, it wouldn't escalate it." The bill, which originally intended to protect the brandishing of a "dangerous weapon," was substituted when presented to the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee to include the language regarding self-defense. The substitute bill was adopted by a 6-1 vote. The committee delayed voting the bill up or down, leaving it subject to further debate or amendment."

Opponents of Self Defense Recycle Old Lies: "Special interests hostile to armed citizens and self-defense are once again spreading tired lies about Students for Concealed Carry on Campus and its mission. In press releases published mainly by anti-gun websites and blogs, groups such as the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus and the Brady Campaign claim that all efforts to rescind defense-free zones on college campuses in 2009 failed. Echoing similarly loaded and inaccurate allegations made earlier in the year, the notoriously anti-gun groups claimed failure in every state that considered concealed carry on campus legislation, calling such bills “dangerous,” “radical” and “extremist.” These allegations come on the heels of legislation announced in three states (Georgia, Arizona and Virginia) which would remove arbitrary bans of concealed firearms on campus. Furthermore, the critical eye of anti-defense groups somehow overlooked legislation passed in Arizona and South Carolina, which permits lawfully-armed citizens to keep firearms locked in their cars while on campus. They neglected to mention that legislation in Maryland, which would have criminalized concealed carry on campus, failed...."

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