Wednesday, January 06, 2010

North Carolina: Man Confronts Robber With Shotgun: "A Gastonia man who heard a robber in his house said he confronted the intruder with a shotgun Sunday night. Preston Jeter, 17, is the man victim Kenneth Watson said he found in his home. Brandon Cobb, also 17, was arrested as Jeter’s alleged accomplice. The two are also suspected of breaking into and robbing the home of one of Watson’s neighbors before coming to his home. Watson was in his home off Bethany Road when he heard glass breaking and said he saw Jeter coming in the door with a hammer. “I said ‘this guy came to rob me,’ so I grabbed my gun,” Watson said. Watson said Jeter waved the hammer at him, but dropped it and fled when the homeowner raised his shotgun. Watson is not sure what kept him from pulling the trigger when the two stood face to face. “I don’t know. Something came over me. I had the gun on him, but I didn’t do it,” he said.

Oklahoma: Suspect shot during home invasion in Durant: "A 17-year-old male suspect has been flown to a Plano hospital after he was shot in the back during a home invasion in Durant. Durant police say the teen broke into a home in the 1000 block of North Third just after 11:30 this morning while the homeowner was inside. The homeowner awoke to find the suspect inside. He yelled for the teen to stop, and then shot the suspect in the back. Police believe the teen fled first to a relative’s house across the street, and then to a friend’s house in the 200 block of West Poplar, where 911 was called. The teen was transported to the Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma. A medical helicopter was then called to MCSO, and the teen was flown to a Plano hospital. “”He crawled through the window, the homeowner was there, and shot the suspect,” Lt. Carrie Wyrick of the Durant Police Department said. Under Oklahoma Law, homeowners have the right to defend themselves and even to kill an intruder."

Will Virginia nullify federal gun laws?: "Delegate Charles W. Carrico, Sr. has introduced House Bill 69 (HB69) in the Virginia Legislature. The bill, known as the Firearms Freedom Act, ‘Declares that firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition made in Virginia and retained within the borders of Virginia are not subject to federal law or regulation under the authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.’ Virginia joins New Hampshire, Missouri, Utah and a number of other states considering such legislation. Montana and Tennessee have already passed similar bills into law.”

Rifle Review: .458 SOCOM: "The .458 SOCOM (.458 Special Operations Command) was reportedly given birth over a barbeque and some cold brew. It was at an informal gathering of special ops personnel, specifically Task Force Ranger, when the subject of stopping power came up. It seems it took multiple hits to permanently take the opposition "out of the game" in Mogadishu, Somalia. The consensus was a one-shot stop would sure be nice. Marty ter Weeme, founder of a company called Teppo Jutsu, L.L.C., went to work. In 2000 a sledgehammer cartridge that would launch 250- to 600-grain .45 caliber bullets from a standard size AR-15 with a proper barrel and chamber was born -- enter the .458 SOCOM."

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