Monday, February 13, 2012

CA: Crooked drug dealer gets shot: "A Fairfield man was shot in the leg during an apparent robbery attempt in south Santa Rosa late Friday night, police said. Under further questioning, Cleveland and Kobrin said they’d met Simmons after arranging to buy marijuana from him, police said. Simmons instead pulled a gun and attempted to rob them, until Kobrin - who was wearing a gun and ammunition - fired at Simmons, hitting his leg, and they were able to run from the scene, police said. Simmons was expected to have surgery on Saturday, but was not believed to have life-threatening injuries, Fraga said."

Self defense with guns is commonm: "Our study examines a variety of incident types: concealed-weapon permit holders (285 accounts); home invasions (1,227 incidents); residential burglaries (488). There are categories that we would never have thought were all that common: 172 incidents where people defended themselves from animal attacks (some wild, some dogs gone wild); 34 were incidents where pizza delivery drivers defended themselves from robbery. Startled? You might think from how rarely stories like this go national that defensive gun use is relatively rare in America."

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