Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Media Silent As Mexico Arrests Key Figure In Fast and Furious

I think late January and February have been the busiest time for Operation Fast & Furious. The media still doesn’t give it proper coverage, especially this news: On February 4th, Mexico arrests a key figure in Fast & Furious. Not only is he a key person in Fast & Furious, but he was also a top lieutenant to El Chapo. I first found out about it on Borderland Beat, a great website keeping us up to date about the drug war in Mexico. The Los Angeles Times reported it on February 7th and my colleague AWR Hawkins published commenrary on February 8th. Silence from media.

This is HUGE for Mexico and for us. The suspect is Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo aka “El Marrufo” or “El Jaguar.” He was the head of la Gente Nueva in Chihuahua and the Sinaloa cartel’s top man in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most dangerous city.

He was also wanted in the US for drug trafficking and the recipient of high powered weapons from Operation Fast and Furious. He owned the home that was raided in April 2011 that had the guns from Fast & Furious.

This is GREAT news for everyone in America and Mexico, including Mr. Holder — yet I don’t hear anything from the media. A Google search yielded just three actual posts on this subject.

Thank you LA Times for reporting this, but this is another case that confirms my suspicions: If the AP doesn’t write about it the majority of the Old Media will ignore it.


PA: Shooter Claims Self Defense: "New details are emerging about the fatal shooting in Great Bend Township Saturday afternoon. According to court records Lloyd Thomas admitted to police that he shot Joshua Rogers and Gilberto Alvarez and said he was acting in self defense. Investigators are still trying to figure out why the two men who lived nearby in Hallstead were on the Thomas family property. A friend tells us both men were military veterans, and served overseas. Police tell Fox 40 both men had criminal records and one had a shotgun in his possession. The Thomas family was in the gun business. They had a shop in Lenox that was destroyed by arson in 2010, and had a small gun shop on their property."

OH: Robbers out of luck: "A Lucky Heaven employee told sheriff’s deputies that two women, who he later identified as the Wallaces, played games at the Plain Township business before the robbery. After the last customer left, the women sat next to each other and talked. The younger woman then opened the emergency exit in the back, and in came a masked man holding a gun — thought by authorities to be a BB gun — and zip ties. The employee said he shot twice with his .40-caliber pistol, causing the masked robber to bend over and prompting the older woman, Tonya Wallace, to remark, “You did not have to shoot him,” according to a sheriff’s office report. The suspects fled in her car. Wallace dropped Moore, who was shot in the chest, at Mercy Medical Center, then drove her daughter to a hospital in Akron for treatment of a shoulder wound"

NY: Marine guns for justice: "Manhattan prosecutors have quietly offered a no-jail, misdemeanor deal to the retired young Marine facing a mandatory 3 1/2-year prison sentence after trying to check his Indiana-registered handgun at the Empire State Building, court papers reveal. But former TOW gunner Ryan Jerome -- who has garnered letter-writing support from hundreds of current and former Marines -- is saying no thanks and continues to ask that the case be dropped altogether." [He's on firm legal ground. There has to be a "mens rea" (intention) for an offense to be committed]

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