Friday, February 17, 2012

OH: Drive-thru owner shoots robber: "A drive-thru owner acted in self-defense when he shot and wounded a robber who fired first this week, according to Cincinnati police. Two men entered C&D Drive-Thru, 1979 North Bend Rd., through a rear door about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday, a police report states. One of them, Zachery Herzog, 26, allegedly took a wine bottle and refused to pay. Herzog shoved the clerk, James Edwards, out of the way and tried to grab cash from the register while his accomplice, Michael Ozier, 25, held Edwards at gunpoint, the report reads. Unbeknownst to the suspects, the store owner, Wesley Han, 39, was back in his office, watching it all unfold on his security camera. He grabbed his gun - the one he has kept close since his store was robbed at gunpoint just last year - and crept into the store. That’s when, police say, the gunman fired at the clerk. Luckily, the shot missed - but the store owner’s didn’t. He aimed his gun and squeezed the trigger several times, striking Ozier in the chest, abdomen, right leg and right arm, according to the report."

TX: Man holds robber at gunpoint until police arrive: "When Rick Melartin of Bellaire, Texas heard his neighbor calling for help Monday morning, he sprang into action. Melartin's neighbor had just been robbed at gunpoint as he was getting into his car. The robber got distracted and the victim grabbed his gun and screamed. Melartin called 911 and came outside with his pistol. The robber took off without his gun and headed for an 89-year-old neighbor's backyard. He told the robber to stop or that he would shoot. He said he fired his .50 caliber gun into the ground as a warning shot. "When this baby goes off, you know. You know that I mean business," Melartin said. He was able to wrestle Joseph Anthony Smith, Jr., 20, to the ground and take him away, at gunpoint, to police."

SAF appeals judge’s dismissal of Moore v. Madigan carry case: "The Second Amendment Foundation immediately filed an appeal following dismissal of its challenge to Illinois statutes that prohibit the carrying of loaded firearms outside the home for personal protection in the case of Moore v. Madigan. The case is named for individual plaintiff Michael Moore, and defendant Lisa Madigan in her capacity as Illinois Attorney General."

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