Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Leftist creed

NY:  Man pulls out shotgun for self protection:  "While he doesn't want to reveal his identity, a Guilderland homeowner wanted to send a message about self protection in the home, after an intruder reportedly pounded and yelled outside his door.  He wished he'd never opened the door just after four in the morning Sunday, to a man pounding and demanding money.  Albany County sheriff Craig Apple says 20-year-old Cody Lassonde, an active duty Marine from Altamont, was intoxicated when he pushed his way into the home on Veeder Road. The wife inside called 911. The husband grabbed this 12-gauge shotgun, a Remington 870 used for hunting.   "At that point, I felt my only means of protection. I'm not going to get into some hand to hand combat with somebody," he said.  The homeowner said they managed to get Lassonde out of the house and locked the door, standing on one side with the shotgun poised, as Lassonde banged and shouted to get back in.  That's when deputies arrived, wrestling Lassonde to the ground and tasing him for the arrest, saying the Marine blew a point one seven after the incident."

MI: Robber with plastic gun shot dead:  "Joubran was working behind the counter at Jules Market on Flint's east side March 21, 2011, when he said two men came in and announced a hold up.  In a flash from Joubran's .38-caliber pistol, 19-year-old Don Mitts was dead as the other robber fled from the store.  “Nothing goes through you head,” Joubran said of firing the fatal shot. “Maybe because you don’t know what’s going to happen; I don’t think you really think about it.” Despite having no available surveillance footage of the shooting, Flint police Sgt. Jeff Collins said the case was fairly straightforward.  “He was still clenching the money and the gun when he was on the floor,” Joubran said. Authorities ruled that Joubran was justified using lethal force during the shooting"

MO: No charges for shooting road rager:  "No charges will be filed against a 65-year-old grandfather who shot a motorcyclist in a road rage incident last month.  St. Charles County prosecutor Jack Banas said that under Missouri's so-called castle doctrine law, the grandfather was justified in using potentially deadly force because the motorcyclist reached into the grandfather's car and punched him.  The motorcyclist was shot in the upper left chest and is recovering, authorities said.   When the male motorcyclist approached the grandfather's car on foot, the grandfather took his semiautomatic .380-caliber handgun out of his glove box and placed it in his lap, Banas said. They continued arguing, and the grandfather said the motorcyclist spit at him and he may have spit back. After that, the motorcyclist punched the grandfather in the face, and the grandfather then fired one shot at the motorcyclist"

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