Friday, June 01, 2012

GA: Man thwarts robbery with his gun:  "Valdis Marion Anthony, 35, had entered his vehicle after making a purchase at Circle K, 2999 Washington Road, when an unknown man opened his passenger door and pointed a gun in his face saying “give up your money.”
Anthony told officers he drew his handgun on the suspect, who then fled.  A witness pointed deputies behind the store after she saw a man with a gun running in that direction.  Deputies discovered Desean Barry Morris, 21, of New Ellenton, S.C., hiding behind a nearby Fred’s store.  Morris was booked into the Richmond County jail on charges of felony criminal attempt and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime."

Texas store clerk shoots armed robber in the back:  "A crook picked the wrong store to rob at the intersection of Greenway Drive and Eldridge Road on Tuesday night.  Eddie and a coworker were inside the Corner Grocery when a gunman stuck a gun to the head of a third worker outside and forced him back into the store. As soon as the gunman saw the register open, Eddie says he came after him.  That’s when the clerks decided to fight back.  "I hold him and then my worker guy, he grabbed the gun and [the suspect]  tried to run," said Eddie. "He shot him in the back."  Eddie still believes they did the right thing.  "If we let him go, he would shot one of us," Eddie said. "We know that."  Neither clerk is expected to be charged."

NM: Attorney says shooter at store  acted in self-defense:   "Santa Fe police didn't charge local artist Mateo Romero in connection with last week's shooting outside a north-side convenience store, his attorney said Thursday, because he was acting in self-defense after a panhandling couple tried to rob him. Romero pulled up next to gas pumps at Allsup's, 305 N. Guadalupe St., to fill up his Chevy Camaro at about 6:20 p.m. He opened the car's trunk, where he had a zippered plastic bank bag containing cash, to get money to pre-pay for his gas.   A homeless woman saw him get the money out and approached him at the back of his car and asked if he could spare some money.  The homeless man, who Santa Fe police Sgt. Andrea Dobyns said has not cooperated with the subsequent investigation, then threatened to rob Romero, according to Cron. Cron described Romero's single gunshot into the ground as a warning shot and said a "fragment" of the bullet ricocheted up and hit a bystander using a nearby pay phone."

NY man shoots father but found not guilty:  "He never denied shooting his father, but Matthew Taranto said he did it in self defense. And Thursday, more than a month-and-a-half after the bench trial wrapped up, Judge Judith A. Rositer found Taranto not guilty of the crime.  The 29-year-old admitted to shooting his father, Sal, in November of 2010 in their Trumansburg basement. But the defense had claimed that Taranto, who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome and OCD, feared for his life after his father threatened him with a knife and gun."

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