Monday, June 04, 2012

TN: One Person Dead After Attempted Robbery:  "Metro police are looking for the person involved in an attempted armed robbery in the Madison area that left one person dead.  Police said the incident happened around nine p.m. Saturday night at the Mission Madison Apartments at 501 Heritage Drive. A man walking to his car was approached by two people who then tried rob him. One of the robbers had a gun but so did the victim who shot and killed one of the robbers. The other would-be robber ran off.  Officials said they hope to release a description of the robber that is still at large soon."

FL: Man Shot Dead After Home Invasion:  "A man was shot and killed after he apparently tried to break into a home, police said.  Miramar Police said they believe a man tried to break into a home along the 6100 block of SW 27th Street in Miramar but was shot and killed by a visitor.  "My cousin came home while I was at McDonalds. A guy came behind him with a gun, told him to get on the ground, put him on the floor telling him he was killing them and everything,” said Keon Mobley, one of two brothers who lives in the duplex.  When Mobley came back, the robber was at the door and told him to get on the ground, too, police said.  The robber was then shot by a family member inside the house and was found dead on the floor, police said.  "I start running, straight down the block, he shot like six times,” Mobley said. “As soon as he got back to the door my cousin shot him like I don’t know how many times but it was gruesome.”

NC: Man killed in body shop shooting:  "Authorities say Glenn Gemale Artis, 32, went to H&H Customs, at 4405 Cumberland Road in Fayetteville, around 11:50 a.m. and began arguing with the owner, Freddie Waymon Hudson, 38.  Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, said Artis and Hudson had an ongoing dispute, but she said she didn't know what sparked it.  "The victim came to the suspect's work today and brandished a handgun. The suspect brandished his handgun and returned fire. There were shots fired," Tanna said.  Artis was wounded, and he was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where he died, she said.  Detectives were interviewing Hudson Friday, but no charges had been filed against him."

No sympathy for robbers who died:  " Someone wanted Fred Morton [Mr Luscious lips above] to die.  At least twice in the fall of 2006, the 17-year-old was a target for bullets in Camden. In the first incident, Morton and a friend, Lavar Dunlap, 27, were shot at after robbing a drug house. Days later, the two were sitting in a car on a Whitman Park street when a vehicle pulled up and a gunman opened fire.  Dunlap died, but Morton — a young man drawn to the fast cash of Camden’s streets — drove away unscathed.  And then it happened. On Nov. 16, just 12 days after Dunlap’s death, city workers found Morton’s body beneath a tree in Van Hook Park along Carl Miller Boulevard. He had been strangled and his throat was slit.  The killing was intentional and likely planned, authorities say. And more than five years later, it’s still unsolved.  The investigation into Morton’s death faced an early hurdle: Many people had a motive to kill Morton, who was involved with guns, drugs and stickups.  Ackerman said adding difficulty to the case is the fact that many people interviewed don’t have a lot of sympathy for a teen who they see as getting the street justice he deserved."

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