Thursday, January 01, 2015

David Codrea: Gun Prohibitionist shows Avertion to Truth

“Stop blaming mental health for gun violence,” former Everytown director Mark Glaze parroted in a Sunday tweet. “The problem is guns.”

Glaze must miss the influence he used to have back when he was stumping for edicts he knew damn well would be useless at stopping bad people from acting out on their natures. It must have been even more intoxicating to threaten America with his then-boss Bloomberg’s whole foot, and a positively heady experience to slap Brady Campaign rival Dan Gross around over who had dibs on useful celebrity idiots.

Regardless, he took to Twitter to refer his devotees to an editorial in The Washington Post by Kimberly Yonkers, MD, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine. The funny thing is, there are some gun owners, including me, who would agree with her initial premise, to stop blaming mental health. The not-so-funny thing is, they’re nowhere to be found when that’s followed up with the expectation that those in danger of legally-imposed gun disabilities for alleged mental health reasons must not lose fundamental rights without the benefit of full due process protections. Likewise, none of them are insisting those protections must include an accessible pathway to restoration of rights when evidence shows a disabling condition no longer applies.

No, instead, Yonkers builds up to the conclusion she alluded to in her title, a demand for “meaningful changes in legislation that reduce access to guns.”

For all of us (presumably except for enforcers/confiscators, who must be immune to the madness that seizes we lesser beings). Meaning she wants to ban guns. She wants to stop people from getting them. She wants the government to take them away from people who already have them. Regardless of mental health. Regardless of the overwhelmingly peaceable and law-abiding nature of most gun owners. None of that matters because in her mind, and I quote, “the problem is guns.”

That’s easily testable. We can do it right now. If the problem really is guns, we ought to be able to look at one of the most heavily-armed citizen populations on the planet, the five million or so members of the National Rifle Association, and observe a statistically-significant penchant for “gun violence” above and beyond that of the general population, and certainly dwarfing both numbers and rates we see in nation’s that do just what Yonkers prescribes. No?

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