Sunday, January 11, 2015

WI: Armed Robber Killed by Armed man who did not wait to be searched

The barber shop seems to be behind the red neon sign in the upper story.

Armed robbery requires a large number of disarmed victims.  If a significant number of potential victims are armed, armed robbery becomes a suicide mission.  Large numbers of violent criminals die young already.   It is one of the reasons that the life expectancy for black men is four years lower than for white men.   As more law abiding black people learn that they can trust the process, can obtain a concealed carry permit, and can go about legally armed without being abused by the police, black on black armed robbery becomes more and more dangerous.

In Milwaukee, on Friday, the 9th of January, an armed robber was shot and killed as he was patting down men that he was robbing in the Level Up Barber Shop.   One of them did not wait to be patted down.  He drew his legally carried pistol and shot the robber.  The robber died.  No one else was hurt.

It is very difficult for an armed robber to keep track of a number of people all at once, while doing everything else he has to do to get the loot and escape.  They almost always become distracted by something, giving a legally armed person an opportunity to stop the crime.

It turns out that the customer that shot the robber was not the only person in the shop with a concealed carry permit.  One of the co-owners of the shop was there when it happened.  He has a concealed carry permit as well. 
Ty said he also has a concealed-carry permit and is always on guard because of the violence in Milwaukee.

"The crime rate is so high. It's like nobody wants to work for an honest living anymore," Ty said.
While we do not know if the robbery suspect who was killed was black, Ty, the co-owner is black, and the barber shop is in a dominantly black area.   Black on white crime is a tiny fraction of black on black crime.  Milwaukee has a majority of the homicides in Wisconsin, and most of the homicides in Milwaukee are black on black.

The crime rate is likely to continue to drop, even in high crime urban centers, as more criminals are shot.  It only takes a small number of violent criminals to create an enormous number of crimes.

From David Kennedy, the renowned criminal justice professor and co-chair of the National Network for safe communities:
 “We now know that homicide and gun violence are overwhelmingly concentrated among serious offenders operating in groups: gangs, drug crews, and the like representing under half of one percent of a city's population who commit half to three-quarters of all murders.” 
This also shows that the majority of black urban center's population are not violent criminals.   The majority of law abiding black people will reap enormous benefits as the crime rate is reduced.

The crime rate has fallen precipitously as more and more people legally carry arms for defense, and as more and more criminals stay in prison for longer periods.   Reduce the number of violent criminals in the population, and you reduce the number of violent crimes.

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Update: Name of robber released.  From
Deandre D. Sturdivant, 20, was fatally shot about 12:30 p.m. Friday inside Level Up Barber Shop in the 4900 block of N. 31st St. Investigators believe Sturdivant attempted to rob patrons at the barbershop when one of the robbery victims fired a gun, police have said.

Deandre D. Sturdivant

Another would be barbershop robber was shot and killed in 2012.

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