Sunday, March 01, 2015

David Codrea: Lawyers for Lawlessness, Doctors for Death

Say you were starting to notice it getting harder to shift from “Park” to other gears, and there was also a faint rattling and whirring noise coming from under the hood at intermediate speeds that you don’t recall hearing before. If you wanted to ask a professional for advice, and maybe have your car inspected, who better to take it to than a “progressive” doctor for the first issue, and a “liberal” lawyer for the second? No?

Come on, these guys are professionals. Chances are they’re a lot better educated than you are. I’ll bet they make a lot more money than most of you do, too.

Still “no”? Even the ones with specialist certifications and professional society accolades?

So just because they have expert credentials – even impressive ones – in some areas, that does not make them authorities in all? Even if they act like they are?

That’s what’s going on with eight health organizations, notably the American College of Physicians, joining with the American Bar Association to demand more “gun control” in a “Call to Action” published earlier this week. Assuming you probably won’t have time to read the whole thing – and besides, what could be more fun than wading through technical journals (with the possible exception of driving spikes through your skull)? – the ACP has provided us with a handy overview of what it is they’re plotting.

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