Sunday, March 15, 2015

WV: Constitutional Carry Goes to Governor Tomblin

The West Virgina Senate has made short work of confirming the passage of SB 347, also known as the Constitutional Carry bill. The bill was amended in the House to change the minimum age for carrying concealed without a permit from 18 to 21. It passed the House by a 71 to 29 margin, with 51 Republicans and 20 Democrats voting for the bill. Yesterday, 13 March, the Senate confirmed the amended House vote. Observers at predict that Governor Tomblin will allow the bill to become law without his signature:
No one expects him to. He's expected to ignore it and let the 10 days run out until it becomes law.
I think it would be political suicide to veto it.
 The bill had passed the Senate on 27 February with a 32-2 vote.

Other observers expect Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to sign the bill into law.

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 Update: Considerable resources are being expended to pressure Governor Tomblin to veto SB 347.  I have been informed that MoMs Demanding Action and Everytown are organizing phone banks to pressure the Governor, that even Joe Manchin is said to be pressuring him.  While the bill passed with veto-proof majorities, the Governor can  veto it.  The Legislature is no longer in session, so if the bill is vetoed, there will not be a way to override the veto.  As a Democrat, more pressure would need to be applied from the supporters of constitutional carry to prevent him from vetoing the bill.


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